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I just levelled up Illustrationwilwheaton. He posted to his blog an older vignette he'd written, and I *winced* at the dialogue punctuation. He mentioned polishing several of these older pieces, so I thought, WTH, he might be one of those writers whose eyes just glide past punctuation goofs, so I let him know there were some issues. See the message thread, and the responses to my followup.

I kept it polite over there, but... wow. That first person who followed up to me claims to be a copy editor, and they didn't see the problems in the OP? I wanna know where they work, so I can apply for their job. Or maybe I don't wanna work there, if their in-house style guide actually permits those atrocities to basic punctuation.

In case anyone's interested, here are the links the typepad blog software didn't let me post:

None of them are perfect; tha...
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I made a wordle from my fanfic "Don't Stand Out."

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