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Recent entries from Wraithrune's Den of Words - the blog of wraithrune

NOTE: This blog has been rated FR18 by the author. Blog content is not moderated by TtH

Posted: 21 Dec 14 01:21 • Comments
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Posted: 9 Nov 14 06:18 • Comments
I know I should concentrate on my current fanfics, but when I get these plot ideas, they keep running around in my head until I write them down. So here’s the new plot, what if Xander gets the power to transform into five different rpg monsters from five different games. What if each of his […]
Posted: 2 Nov 14 02:30 • Comments
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Posted: 25 Oct 14 21:56 • Comments
Hi Guys, This is just a short post to those PM-ing me and reviewing my stories on & that I am unable to post an update this month. To cut a long story short, currently I am getting up at 5+am and reaching home usually at 8+pm due to a lot of major […]
Posted: 24 Sep 14 10:00 • Comments
(Book 2 of The Ultimate Peasant Series: Order of the Silver Hand has been abandoned.) After a long departure from that story, I decided that Book 2 should instead be plotted about the missing two months before Xander and company left for space. This will be written in parts. Story Title: Rise of the Alliance […]
Posted: 7 Sep 14 09:19 • Comments