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Author mpsshadowmaster

Long ago, Ethan, nearly dead from a failing organ, stumbled upon a world where GeneCo was king. Some paperwork, some surgery, and Ethan "left town" returning to his own dimension, and leaving his debt unpaid.

One fateful Halloween years later, Giles is talked into dressing as a very odd Repo man. When Ethan casts his spell, GeneCo's Repo Man comes for him, and before the bust is broken, quite a it more blood than Ethan had intended lands on the bust of Janus.

How does this affect those under Ethan's spell? What remains of the costumes they wore? How, for better or worse, does...
Movies > Repo! The Genetic Opera • Responses [0] • Date Added [14 Nov 12]
Abby looks to be in her mid 20's. Now, not wanting people to know her age is normal... But what if she's older than she looks? Not by a few years, but a few decades, or more.

Abby is a demon. Not a people eating one, because that's the left side of weird, and the left side of weird is bad. Abby regularly goes to mass, has a cross tattooed on her back, and goes bowling with nuns... perhaps there's something she's denying.

How do slayers react to Abby? How does Abby react to slayers? How does the NCIS crew react to the whole situation? (Remember, Gibbs KNOWS how old Abby is. H...
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Starkiller was cloned. Most of the clones went through an accelerated process, to create an adult quickly. However, what if one went missing? One embryo disappeared, didn't go through the process. It somehow made it's way to earth, to the womb of Jessica Harris. Became the person known as Xander Harris. Without training, Xander appears to be a normal human. Nothing special. But.....

Buffy looks a bit like Juno, not that Xander knows that, of course. People, places, monsters haunt Xander, and he doesn't know why....

Star Wars > Xander-Centered • Responses [0] • Date Added [26 Dec 10]
This challenge, should you chose to take it is simple. Buffy, instead of dressing as a useless noble woman, goes as Johnny Garland, Detective. When Ethan's spell goes off, one really confused Johnny comes up.

Although this is a YAHF, I don't want a faithful retelling of the episode. Johnny is good at combat, and his other mode can kick ass. Re-work the episode around him. Weather or not you give him access to his "awaker" mode is up to you, but he should be able to use his "normal" malice weapon.

Please try to keep him as in character as possible. There are youtube walk thr...
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"It's a pity they died..."

Someone died, who are they going to haunt? Does the person/people being haunted ever learn about the haunting? What happens next? Do they meet Freddy Kruger? ...He's scary, I wouldn't want to meet him, but I bet Buffy could take him.

I'd prefer cross genre- or cross- medium hauntings, but really it's up to you. Please note I count cartoon/anime and live action stuff separate mediums.

So perhaps Joey from YGO haunts Xander, or perhaps Buffy or Willow would be more up his alley. Or Buffy haunts Yugi!
...Or someone's being haunted by a c...
Multiple Crossings • Responses [0] • Date Added [22 Jul 10]
We have seen many fics were Spike and Draco are related, but what if the relationship is a few steps closer than generally thought of...... as in they are the same person.
Only two rules:
1). Draco must be sent to the past (eventually getting turned, think of the physical age difference!)
2). Spike and Draco CAN'T meet each other! yes, Spike has to come to the wizarding world, but please make it a few months after Draco disappears (We don't want to tear holes in the time-space continuum, dears, because that would make a mess of everything. ;) )

I'd rather it not be HBP...
Harry Potter > Spike-Centered • Responses [0] • Date Added [11 Feb 08] • Date Updated [19 Jan 10]