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Author Ductile

Xander and Hillary (from the films) are cousins.

Or, Xander and Winston (from the games) are biologically related.

The challenge is very broad, allowing for nearly any biological relationship, and can be of any genre, rating, and length. Xander can simply be in correspondence with Hillary or Winston, or there can be more interaction between the two fandoms.
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It is the summer after fifth year, and Harry Potter is stuck brooding at Privet Drive. A package addressed to him arrives, however, that will change Harry's summer for the better, or possibly, the worse.


-Obviously, Spike shows up for Harry rather than for Angel. How the package with the pendant is delivered is up to you.

-Please include some interesting little tidbits such as: the Dursleys believing Harry has gone insane; Spike calling Harry 'Brood-boy Jr.'; Spike and Harry talking about the opposite sex...oh, what fun we could all have(grins evilly), etc....
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