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Twisting The Hellmouth Crossing Over Awards - Results
Rules for Challenges

Author rothos

These can either be one shots or full-fledged stories, but take a power source such as a particular type of mana from Magic the Gathering or incarnum from the Magic of Incarnum D&D 3.5e sourcebook and write something.

Bonus points if

It's not a Halloween story
Xander does not get too powerful, within reason. For example if he becomes a bearer of the Power Cosmic then little can restrain him.
Joyce survives
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Buffy/ Centurions cross.

Somehow one of the Scoobies gets an exoframe calling the attention of a decades dormant Doc Terror and Hacker.

Bonus points if

1) The knowledge on how to use it is imparted in an interesting way.
2) Three or more Scoobies have exoframes.
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Challenge: To celebrate Halloween and the supposed fourth quarter release of Diablo 3, I have an unusal challenge.
Any of the Scoobies must become Diablo II characters by Halloween costume.
Townspeople must become the townspeople from any Diablo 1 or 2 town. That’s right you can have Farnham co-exist with Glegash!

Not required but kudos for:
1 Using all the Scoobies to fill all the classes. Meaning Oz, Faith, Anya and Wesley come to Sunnydale early. The classes are rogue,sorcerer,warrior,amazon,assassin,barbarian,druid,necromancer,paladin,sorceress.
2 Including th...
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Rubi Malone ends up in Sunnydale.

Rubi Malone is the female protagonist in the video game WET by the way.
Kudos if any of these conditions are met:

It is not done using a Halloween costume.
She falls for one of the men mentioned in the series that is living.
Somehow she is connected deeper into the Buffy mythology than just dropped in.

I would not like to see
Rubi/vampire,zombie or any other dead thing in a relationship.
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Cross Command and Conquer with Buffy the Vampire Slayer. Make someone into the Lost child of Dr. Mobius, a GDI or Nod brat or alternately go with Red Alert or Generals. Some simple ground rules.

1) When a character defeats an adversary they must say: "That was left-handed." Somewhere in the story.
2) Kane, Yuri or Jarmin Kell must be at least be alluded to in the story.
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Write a possession story where people become characters from the Desperado or Once Upon a time in Mexico movies. These characters must be from BTVS or Angel. No HP or Supernatural turned El!
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