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This is a 'Not a YAHF fic' fic challenge.

In Season 4, the Halloween episode involved a party, a fear demon (Gachnar), and a chainsaw.

Write a short story (preferably not an epic, less than 5000 words ) where someone from another fandom ended up at this party as a guest of a non-Scooby (Could be a member of Dingos Ate My Baby ).

Somehow, Giles' chainsaw must be involved before the story ends.
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A First Meeting Challenge


It's a holiday and a female character from the Buffyverse has an unexpected first encounter with a female character from a different fandom. This encounter can lead to a non-platonic relationship or just plain PWP.


- When Due - Stories for this challenge should be posted on/after July 19th, 2014, your local time.
- Femslash (a story involving a non-platonic encounter or relationship between two or more women.)
- The primary pairing/ship must be a crossover ship between female characters - minimum of ...
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July 16th, 2011 is the 4th Annual Day of Femslash.

Join your fellow Twisting the Hellmouth writers in writing or updating a story, anything from a drabble to a multi-chapter fic, showcasing crossover femslash.

The rules are simple:
1. The central pairing, threesome, or moresome must be femslash, contain at least one female identifying Buffyverse character and one crossover female identifying character.
2. At least one of the femslash'ed characters must be a central character in the story.
3. Any rating is acceptable.
4. No bash fics. We're here to celebrate l...
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(Does anyone write BtVS/X-Files crossover fanfic anymore?)

In BtVS Season's 7's "Conversations with Dead People" Dawn is attacked/harassed by something, possibly the First Evil, in a surrealistic scene that looks like it's straight out of a horror movie.

During the course of her personal horror flick the phrase "Mother's milk is red today" appears in red paint/blood on the wall.

Write a story (more than 1000 words or a series of drabbles that at least total that length) that involves Dawn in an X-Files investigation where that phrase appears.

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