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Charmed post s8/BtVs s4

On Wyatt's 19th birthday, the Elders assign him his first charge: Willow Rosenberg. Willow shows up on the Elders' radar after “Something Blue” and they decide she needs a little whitelighter guidance. They also decide that Wyatt needs to learn about his whitelighter heritage.

Not really any requirements besides a Willow/Wyatt romance. Big bads/main storyline's up to you!
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The Pirates of the Carribean and the Slayer Time Forgot
BtVS Post S7 “Chosen” / PoC during & post “At World’s End”
Buffy Anne Turner
Buffy as Will & Elizabeth’s daughter from their honeymoon island getaway. The Powers That Be foresaw her destiny as a Slayer and pulled her out of her own time and put her in 1980 with Joyce and Hank Summers.
Now, 23 years later Buffy, Dawn, & the Scooby Gang (Willow, Xander, Faith, & Robin) are on an island in the Carribean on a well-deserved vacation when they find the wreckage of a ship — the Black Pearl. From s...
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The Next Generation Challenge

The challenge I’m proposing is to write a fic of much of the same plot as a vid I found on youtube (look below for the plot). The twist is that you can use any character from another verse as Buffy and Angel’s daughter. The catch is that Angel must have died before knowing about their daughter and the character you choose has to either look like Buffy or like Angel.

There’s this vid on youtube I found that’s really great. The basic gist is that Angel died and shortly after Buffy found out she was pregnant. When she gave birth to their...
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One Tree Hill Season 2 & 3 (slightly A.U.) BtVS S4 Future A.U.

Peyton Sawyer was adopted, but Ellie Harp is not her birth mother. Her real parents are Buffy Summers and Angel, the vampire with a soul. The woman who shows up on Peyton’s doorstep in Season 2 “The Leavers Dance” is Buffy. A couple of weeks later, Peyton receives word that her father Larry is dead, killed at sea. During the summer, Peyton is forced to go to Buffy’s house in Los Angeles.

Peyton was conceived when Angel was made human for the day in “I Will Remember You”. You decide how Peyton ...
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Practical Magic (the movie w/ Sandra Bullock & Nicole Kidman) / BtVS S3 “Choices” (BtVS happens during Practical Magic)
Gillian Owens has a child, one she never told anyone about, not even the father (a boy she slept with in junior high school and who moved away five months later). Once this child was born, Gillian decided that the child would be better off in a home with a mother and a father. That child, with her bright red hair, super smarts, and amazing wiccan ability, was named Willow by Gillian and adopted by Ira and Sheila Rosenberg.
During “Choices”, on Willow...
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BtVS Pre Season One / Gilmore Girls Two years before season one

Marjorie and Philip (Or whatever you choose to name them) Chase are one of the most prestigious rich couples in Sunnydale, California. Richard and Emily Gilmore are one of the prestigious rich couples in Hartford, Connecticut. Back in college at Yale University, (Philip) Chase and Richard Gilmore were the best of friends. After college ended, they kept in touch and went to each other’s weddings. Not only are they friends, they’re business partners. They correspond with each other from time to time about business...
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Angel S3 “Dad” / Charmed S4
On the list of enemies in “Dad” (Angel), there was something called a ‘piperbeast’. What if that is referring to a myth about an Charmed One whose name is Piper and because of a demon’s potion and her deep desire for a child she turns into a evil witch/demoness who kidnaps magical/supernatural children to punish the parents for having a child when she cannot?

In an alternate future, where Connor’s not kidnaped by Holtz, Piper turns into the ‘Piperbeast’ and kidnaps Connor. Paige and Pheobe are devastated when learning of this and h...
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BtVS Post S7 / Charmed S8
“A strange, powerful witch appears in the Charmed Ones’ lives. Just as the Triad is close to achieving its goal.”

The Ultimate Power is Willow, not Billie. Billie and Christy doesn’t appear in the Charmed Ones lives, Willow and her friends do. She’s Paige’s new charge who keeps calling for her unintentionally. Everyone in Willow’s life was kidnaped (Buffy, Dawn, Giles, & Xander). (Kennedy doesn’t exist). An evil sorcerer took them but Willow got away. Now she’s traveling the world, searching for her friends. She’s in San F...
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BtVS S6 / Charmed S4
BtVS cast: Buffy, Willow, Xander, Anya, Spike, Dawn, Giles (London), Tara (not around).
Charmed cast: Piper, Leo, Paige, Pheobe, Cole, Darrel, Glen.
After “Wrecked”, after she and Willow talk at the end, Buffy calls Giles. He tells her that the solution is not for Willow to stop using magic. He tells her of three sister witches, the Charmed Ones, who could help Willow understand her magic as being a gift and not to be used for personal gain. Buffy tells Willow about if and she agrees. Giles has a whitelighter friend of his tell the Elders, who tells L...
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Okay, the other day I was watching an episode of Grey's Anatomy (can't remember which one though) and I got this idea from what Mark Sloane said. He was talking to someone and they were talking about kids and when asked if he had any, I think Mark said "None that I know of."
So my challenge is: what if he DID have one that he didn't know of?

None That You Know Of
Grey’s Anatomy/Buffy the Vampire Slayer and/or Angel
Mark Sloane has a child he does not know of. Any of the Scooby women are up for grabs (aged appropriately, of course). No relations with minors are allowed...
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BtVS Season Seven’s “First Date” x/over w/ Charmed Season Five’s “Baby’s First Demon” In San Francisco, the Charmed Ones and Leo are enjoying the new member in their family, a son (Wyatt) born to Piper and Leo. After saving Wyatt from the Parasite demons, Wyatt is kidnaped by an evil witch. Two days later, a package arrives for Piper. Inside are the bones/remains of a small child. In Sunnydale, the Slayer and her Slayerettes are just beginning the battle with Caleb and the First, though the Potentials have only just arrived. It’s just after Xander almost gets killed by his ...
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