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Twisting The Hellmouth Crossing Over Awards - Results
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Author HiltonK

Xander-Wesley Gibson

Wesley receives a letter.


If you’re reading this Sloan and myself must be dead. I’m sorry if you were the one to kill me, fate it seems mocks us all.
I have one last secret to tell, my son.
There’s a place where even the fraternity fear to tread – Sunnydale, California. The threads are warped beyond comprehension but in the chaos, sanctuary may be found if only for a moment. Fear the night and those that walk in it.
You have a brother there, Alexander. I pray the fates have been kind to him, he at least was never on ...
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Tony Stark/Methos/Xander

It started with just that one stupid line that won't leave my head and I can't do anything with it :0(

"Merchant of Death meet Death."

Would like to see:
1) Investigating if a suit could be run using the quickening
2) Xander working with SHIELD/Stark Industries
3) Stark getting curious about his extra curricular activities

Prefer if Xander wasn't an immortal but not critical
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Pairing: Willow/Alice (Resident Evil)

Post R/E Apocalypse, up to you pre/post R/E Extinction.

Scoobies thought the T-virus undead were of supernatural origin but were defeated badly as unprepared for man-made (insert character deaths......)
Willow survived and has been drawn to Alice due to her burgeoning psychic talents.
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