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Author Evie

Okay, I recently have become addicted to The Dresden Files and have not been able to find alot of Buffy/Harry fics out there.

My Challenge is this: Write a fic were Buffy is either Dresden's love interest, long lost daughter, can even be Bob's long lost descendent...

I'd like it to be more than a one shot but it doesn't have to be epic either.

It can take place in any timeline, and any other pairings are up to you.
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This is a Buffy/Valentine, Inc. Crossover

You can pick one of two storylines.. or combine them:

1. Buffy is the long lost daughter of someone on this show. It could be Grace/Ari or Grace/Ray or even another god or goddess.

2. Instead of Giles killing Ben, Buffy killed Glory in combat.. and somehow inherits Glory's godhood(how is up to you, she could even still die but come back as a god). And now she needs to be trained in her powers to avoid causing chaos in the mortal world.

The world of Valentine could even be in another dimension.. its up to you.
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Okay, I am in desperate need of some Buffy/Eomer fics.

I'd like to see Buffy come to middle earth (you can decide how, where, when, and why) and pretty much set everyone and everything on its ear. Most of the Rohan people think Shieldmaidens are a thing of ancient history...Well, They're not Anymore.


1.)Has to be Buffy/Eomer
2.)Buffy being her Californian, fashion lovin', and quippy self - although she does know some courtly behavior from the Halloween escapade.
3.)Buffy can NOT go home. She is stuck in this dimension - no loop holes. You can ...
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