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Twisting The Hellmouth Crossing Over Awards - Results
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Author ReaperCB

I had this interesting idea to twist the Halloween fic a bit. Normally, the preferred method of power up is that the scoobies keep the powers of whoever they dress as. I was thinking, what if that didn't happen, but any actions that were taken by the people they dress as remain in effect. Then I thought, who could do something, that would leave them with powers beyond what they already had and make them into a proper force to be reckoned with. The answer came when I decided to read a story that someone posted to another challenge I made. Getting into the meat of things now, here's the challeng...
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Just a little something that peaked my interest when it ran through my head. I can't work on it right now, I have way too many irons in the fire that I'm having trouble working on them all as is. Still, I want to see this and hoping someone can do it. It's actually a little simple really, just a halloween fic, but the costume picks are the main thing, and obviously they keep the abilities/powers of who they become.

I want to see each of the Scoobies (Buffy, Willow, and Xander) dressed as three different versions of Hawke from Dragon Age 2. Now, I think this could be a little interesti...
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Ok, this is just something that wormed its way into my brain, and won't let go. Unfortunately, as much as I enjoy the character, I can't write her very well, so I thought I'd throw it out here and see if anyone was interested... Warning, this is a 'waking up in vegas' idea, a touch cliche', but they're just so much fun. So, onto our two newly weds, and judging from the genre and the title a few have probably guessed.

Buffy/Amanda, the fierce Slayer Queen, and the immortal thief. I can see a few ways this would go...

But instead of putting them up here, I think I'll just see ...
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I've looked, and admittedly, I may have just missed it, but I didn't see this and it honestly surprised me.

Jade empire would be an intriguing crossover I believe, if it's done properly. It'd make a perfect Halloween fic.
Xander as Tiger Shen?
Willow as Scholar Ling? (This would be my personal choice.)
Or maybe Buffy as 'The Silk Fox'??
Maybe all three?

The game itself leads to interesting ideas as well, it has light side/open palm or dark side/closed fist story lines. Multiple romances, including straight, femslash, or even slash pairings. Personally, I prefe...
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Saw a prophecy challenge and it inspired an idea. So I wrote a prophecy... It's cryptic, predicts something awful, and just vague enough that it could mean anything. And here's why!
I want to see how many different stories can come from this... how many different meanings and battles and crossovers can be pulled from the prophecy, hence the title, Prophecy Roulette. Anything from a short little ficlet, a drabble, or a full on novel. Lets see what you can come up with.

The Prophecy:

In a time when the stars stand revealed
Protectors of light, a Champion to be made...
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I've seen a couple Xander as a Dragon Rider... and who doesn't love a good Xander gets a power up fic? Heck, they're some of my favorites. But, that's not what this challenge is. This is a Buffy as a Dragon Rider Challenge.

Now, before I even finish the challenge, let me say I'm already writing my own version, and I don't know when I'll post it, but I like to see what other people can do to. Now on to the rest of the challenge.

Must start in Sunnydale, but it can end up in Alagaesia. (In fact, I'd prefer it span both worlds, but that's to your discretion, it doesn't have to.)...
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A Halloween story, that seriously backfires on Ethan. The gang, for some reason, (i.e. lost bet, Snyder's trollishness, sheer chance) is forced to go out as the the cast of Hellsing. That in itself has possibilities, but I do have a few conditions for the challenge.

-Length, it has to go through at least the end of season three and the final battle with the Mayor.
-Cast/Costumes, First off, Dawn is in this one... so, Dawn/Integra, Buffy/Alucard, Willow/Seras Victoria, Xander/Walter
-Pairing, Buffy/Faith, any other pairings... Willow, Xander, Giles, whoever with whomever you wi...
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