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Author Shanna

This is based off of one made by reptilia28, although I can't find the original, I have read stories written from it over on I'm reversing the challenge and adding a BtVS/Angel twist to it.

Hermione dies before her time, and before getting together with her soulmate, Harry. She is either dating or married to Ron at the time she dies, and finds out she and Harry got together with the Weasley siblings due to love potions, and Dumbledore's manipulations (Molly can be a part of it too).

Hermione meets her Death Coordinator, Cordelia Chase, who advises that The Powers ...
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Set post "Chosen" for BtVS, and sometime just before or during The Half Blood Prince for HP. The Council is rebuilding in London, and Giles is renewing old Council contacts, including those he's just discovered in the wizarding world. In a PR move to assure the people and ministry that she's no longer a danger, Giles encourages Willow and the coven that helped her to do an interview with The Quibbler (even Giles knows The Prophet is a bunch of hooey).

Dumbledore reads the interview and notices that the first spell Willow actually cast was a soul restoration spell on the infamous Ang...
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What if after the final battle on Angel, the prophecy was fulfilled anyway? Angel was given the chance to live out the rest of his life as a mere mortal. However, the Powers That Be added a little twist. He wouldn’t remember anything of his previous existence. They manufactured life for him much as W&H did for Connor and the monks did for Dawn. He’s now FBI special agent, Seeley Booth.

The problem? A powerful demon currently holds Buffy and Dawn hostage, demanding an ancient artifact that Angelus stole from him two centuries ago. If it’s not retrieved within two ful...
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Angel is the lone survivor of the final stand in LA. He's lost everyone he considered family, so what's a souled vamp to do? Go in search of his real family, of course. He had one sister, Shannon, who survived Angelus' massacre because she'd married and moved to the United States with her new husband, Grady Sullivan.

Angel's search for his surviving family leads him to a little town in Kansas called Smallville where Gabe and Chloe Sullivan are his only links to his past and heritage.

Must haves:
1.Chloe's features are identical to Shannon's, only Chloe is blond where...
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Premise: At the end of Dopplegangland, the spell to send Vamp Willow back to her own dimension is a bit off. Instead of returning to the Wishverse, she winds up in the AB universe. The different dimension affects her this way:
1. She no longer morphs into her "game face", and her features become like those of the AB vampires.
2. She regains a bit of her humanity like the AB vampires, making her a mix of dark Vamp Willow, and sweet human Willow. Please don't go to extremes, but find a happy medium. How does Vamp Willow fit into this universe, and adjust after being thrown from her w...
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