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Twisting The Hellmouth Crossing Over Awards - Results
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Author bunnyears

Before Buffy could destroy the Seed in Season 8 after Angel snaps Giles' neck the PTB step in not ready yet for the magic and demons to cease to exist as the seeds destruction will affect all other dimensions too. They offer Buffy a deal, she would we transported to another dimension where her skills can be put to good use and they would let Giles live, buffy would die in his stead. A life for a life. Buffy agrees.

The PTB transport the slayer to the SVM-world but something goes wrong during the process. The Slayer essence, especially Buffy's, together with the Scythe is too powerful...
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Buffy is notorious for making evil creatures fall in love with her. And Vergil wants to become just like his father, but this isn't exactly what he had in mind.
Now he's going to experience something his father had at the end of his life that's a whole different kind of power and strength.
Vergil is unfamiliar with this feelings while Buffy is full of with it.
What if buffy was transported into the Devil May Cry World post chosen?
Would she be able to bring one the most (im) famous half devil to his knees and have him do the redemption thing, like her past lovers did? After al...
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