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Twisting The Hellmouth Crossing Over Awards - Results
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Author KeriMcVean

In SPN season 3, in the episode "The children are alright", Dean looks up an old flame and discovers a child who looks and acts just like him. My challenge is that the old flame he's looking up is someone from BtVS/AtS. My initial thoughts were that it'd be Faith (cuz I just love those two together), but the story would work just as well with other characters (Buffy, Willow, Cordy, Fred... well, you know who they are).

Must Have's:
The child is Dean's. Whether the mother reveals this to him or not is up to you.

Must Not Have's:
Character bashing.

Have ...
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A Battlestar Galactica/Angel crossover
Pylea isn't actually the name of the entire dimension Lorne is from. It's just the name of that Planet. One of the Galactica pilot discovers the planet, and when they investigate they encounter the Angel team.

Something that should come into play, Angel's ability to smell the difference between human and non-human. Also, if the Angel team spends a significant amount of time with the fleet, I would think that Cordelia would be able to recognize the signs of Baltar talking to a "ghost". I also could easily imagine Cordelia complaining abou...
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What if Faith and Kal-El met in Metropolis when Clark was on the red kryptonite between seasons 2 and 3 of Smallville? For some reason whenever Clark wears it I can hear Faith's voice saying "Want, take, have" Either in between the time of her watcher's death and her arival in Sunnydale, or post Chosen.

I'm picturing them meeting in a club, and then possibly later he happens upon her taking care of some vamps. And you know how she is after a good slay.

It's up to you whether they have a brief flirtation or develope something a little perminent.

Another element th...
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