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Author Addlcove

Just saw the movie "Hanna".

Insert any BTVS character into the movie in whatever faction you like (or place Hanna in BTVS after the movie has ended). don't really care what plot you are gonna do, but the movie is awesome and deserves to be crossed over at least once :)
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Basicly looking for a crossover with Mass Effect and xander as main character, if you want to make him immortal and living through the mass effect plotline, or use the plot device of having the SR-2 being in contact with him during halloween and thus remaining behind I don't really care, but I have yet to see a story that crosses the ME universe with buffy and I would love to see one.
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Had this idea for a while but I suck at writing stories so I'm gonna throw it out here for someone else that might like it.

Basic idea is that xander being a bit of a geek, has obviously read D. Eddings Belgariad and Mallorean, he persuades the other scoobs to dress up as characters from the book series for halloween.

I had imagined the following casts but you can interchange as you would like.


or if you want to make it a xander/cordy or xander/d...
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