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Author Aille

This is the 2nd of my Bleach challenges. This is a YAHF, with Yasutora Sado (Chad) from Bleach. I've never seen this done.

When Xander gets to Ethan's to get his gun, the last one has been sold. Ethan talks him into getting a glove that goes all the way up to his shoulder in red in black. Telling him that the clothing that he's wearing right now would work perfectly for the character. Stuffed in the glove Xander finds 2 things, a necklace with a coin on it and a stuffed turtle. You can either have him leave the turtle at home or take it with him, but I'd love to see Noba pop in (...
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This is the first of 2 challenges, of course it's a YAHF, but with a twist, after the series has ended (TV, not comics, I've never read them). Xander is taking the mini-slayers out Trick or Treating, (2 or 3 years after the end of the series) but the girls are getting sick of him going out as a Pirate every year. So the Mini's plot to get him to go as Kenpachi Zaraki, the Captain of the 11th Division in the Soul Society. To get the proper outfit, they order the captain's haori and maybe some of the other outfits as well and happen to get caught up in yet another Halloween spell.

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I’ve seen several crossovers with Naruto where Xander has dressed up as one of the more powerful characters from the show. One character that I never see represented is Rock Lee, whom I think has a few things in common with Xander. They both fight for what they believe in and won’t give up. They both have been the butts of people’s jokes in school. They both have horrible fashion sense, even though Lee’s is much worse. LOL They are both knights in shining armor but bumbling and stumbling at the same time.

Here’s my challenge:

1. There is no toy guns available, ...
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