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Twisting The Hellmouth Crossing Over Awards - Results
Rules for Challenges

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The character of your choice is part of triplets, and has to get to witch mountain. Write about what happens on the journey. Slash preferred, but not required.

We are trying to populate the category of "Tricest" which is just like Twincest, only with triplets.

The stories don't have to be Tricest, it would just be nice to have more triplets.
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So since my birthday is this month, I decided that what I want is one (or more) nicely done story with the anime D.Grey Man crossed over with BTVS.

Background info for those who know nothing about DGM
Allen Walker is a 15 yr old (at the start of the series) Exorcist who hunts Akuma (demons) and is part of a dark order of exorcists that investigate every paranormal phenomena in order to kill the demons. This is a great show and I think that it would make a fantabulous xover.

*I would like for the story to have Lavi in it as he is my Fav character.
*"What bug crawl...
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I am really really looking forward to some Spiderman/BTVS fics.

Spiderman (not ultimate Spiderman) must be either movie, cartoon, or comic book

Can Have any other Marvel Character cameos (I prefer Chamber or Nate Grey)

Slash only please

Has to have Peter's reaction to seeing or sensing his first Vampire and/or Demon and/or wiggy stuff

Should have a Madam Web mention

Please not YAHF

Thank you all in advance
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