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Twisting The Hellmouth Crossing Over Awards - Results
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Author Anzobre

BTVS/House, M.D./Grey's Anatomy Crossover

* House is going out with or going to marry Buffy, Willow, or Dawn.

* B, W, or D make a lot more money than House so he can claim to mooch off of her

* Somehow he is convinced or bribed to accept a consult in Seattle Grace and takes his girl with him including his team

* He knows McDreamy but hates and mocks him, also is very good friends with Addison

* He and [B, W, or D] becomes pretty good friends with: Dr.'s Baily, Hahn, Torres, and or Yang

* House makes everyones lives turned upside down even ...
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*Sam/Janet Pairing
*Willow/Buffy Pairing
*Mentions Angel/Buffy ex-pairing
*Buffy would have been pregnant after spending the day with human Angel but he screws it up by taking the choice away from Buffy and returning the day to become a vampire again.
*Powers That Be won't destroy an innocent so they wait until Angel has sex again because they knew it would happen.
*The essence of the Angel/Buffy baby is put in Darla
*No Cordelia/Connor (it seemed so wrong)
*Connor has issues with Angel but doesn't try ...
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