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Twisting The Hellmouth Crossing Over Awards - Results
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Author Leeef

Slayers have giant appetites but can they compete with the best? I challenge you to pit a slayer of your choice against any food that has been featured in Man vs Food
Television • Responses [0] • Date Added [12 Nov 11]
Dawn was made out of Buffy but with blue eyes, brown hair and a tall skinny body she doesn't look much like her 'sister'. When making a body for the Key the Monks discovered that using Buffy wasn't enough as a mere human couldn't contain the awesome power of the key so they needed DNA from a humanoid that wouldn't be detected by the Slayer which meant they couldn't use demon DNA.

However they could use alien DNA and who is humanoid but contains awesome power in a skinny body? Of course the person who fits the bill is the Doctor and with his DNA added to Buffy's Dawn was born.
Dr. Who/Torchwood • Responses [0] • Date Added [20 Oct 09]
When Maria Jackson moved to America after spending a year with Sarah Jane Smith fighting aliens etc. she thought her life would be dull. But after getting sucked into another dimension where her 'Uncle' Daniel Jackson fights aliens and oh she got called as a Slayer life is far from dull.

Will she ever get home? Does she even want to?

Set after:
Season 1 Sarah Jane Adventures
Season 7 Buffy or sometime before if you want Maria to be called normally
Any time during Stargate
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Miley Stewart has it tough with her double life as a pop star but that's nothing compared to her sidekick miss Lily Truscott. Lily's life is so much harder; she's a normal girl, Lola Luftangle oh and one of thousands of Slayers.

It's not such a big deal since she doesn't need to be an active Slayer that is until some demon decides to kidnap/kill/sacrifice etc Hannah Montana and only her sidekick can save her. Oh and Lily may have neglected to tell Miley/Hannah about her 'third' life it's a barrel of fun right?

Obviously this must be set after Season 7 for Buffy and any time f...
Television > Hannah Montana • Responses [0] • Date Added [19 Oct 09] • Date Updated [14 Jan 10]
Another Halloween fic challenge.

What if Willow dressed up as She-Ra Princess of Power instead of a ghost. What if she kept some of that power and was as strong if not stronger than Buffy.

You could also dress other Bvs characters as She-Ra/He-man characters.

Some interesting ideas are

Xander: He-Man
Buffy: Shadow Weaver (how awesome would an evil sorceress Slayer be?)
Cartoons > He-Man • Responses [0] • Date Added [19 Mar 09] • Date Updated [14 Jan 10]
In the battle with the first Willow manages to activate all the Slayers but everyone is lost in the Sunnydale collapse, so it is up to Angel and co. to round up/train etc. all the Slayers.

But there are a few problems...

One of the bigger ones is that the remains of the Council refuse to have anything to do with a Vampire, soul not withstanding.

Oh and also all the Slayers they have found refuse to go anywhere for training and are just little pains in every way possible.

Multiple crosses with various fandoms.

Suggested Slayers are:
Miley Stewar...
Multiple Crossings > Angel-Centered • Responses [0] • Date Added [12 Feb 09] • Date Updated [14 Jan 10]
Firefly and Cleopatra 2525 are both set 500 years into the future, one out in space and one on Earth. But what if the two were in the same universe?

500 years ago humanity left earth and history tells it was because Earth was used up. But in reality the Earth was taken over by machines and humanity was fleeing them.

Now 500 years later the crew of Serenity find Earth and a team of three women, and the leader looks a lot like a certain first mate.

Landing on Earth the crew is attacked by the Baileys and chased underground. Zoe is somehow separated from the rest of th...
Multiple Crossings > Fred/Illyria-Centered • Responses [0] • Date Added [12 Feb 09] • Date Updated [14 Jan 10]
The challenge is this:

Someone in the Gossip girl verse was activated as a Slayer and as the girl is a student of the school it is decided that Dawn will attend school there and befriend the girl, but there is one problem…

Everyone knows or knows of Georgina Sparks and can identify her on sight, and Dawn is not enjoying that everyone insists SHE is this Georgina person and refuses to believe otherwise. Even worse the Slayer is the worst of the lot and gives Dawn the brush off.

What happens next?

Who exactly is the Slayer?

Well that’s up to you. ...
Television > Gossip Girl • Responses [0] • Date Added [4 Oct 08] • Date Updated [14 Jan 10]
Crossover with Wicked the book or the musical just keep it consistent.

When the wicked witch of the west 'died' she was held in limbo as a powerful green energy that came to be known as the key.

Fast forward to after Sunnydale was destroyed and Dawn is having strange dreams about another life, a life where she was a powerful witch with green skin. The dreams get increasingly worse and Dawn begins to act strangely, shying away from water and the like. In desperation Buffy calls on Willow to find out what is wrong, but Willow's spell awakens the witch who becomes Dawn's spilt ...
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The challenge is this:

A slayer (preferably Buffy or Faith) and a character from another genre swap bodies, due to a botched spell (on the Btvs end). Your story should pick up just when the spell goes wrong, or when the two realize they are in different bodies, when one or the other (or both) wake up completely confused, (I doubt such a thing could happen while they are awake).

What comes next for the pair? Does the Slayer have her slayer powers in her new body? Did the spell cause the swap to happen across dimensions, or time? Are there long term consequences or just short t...
Multiple Crossings • Responses [1] • Date Added [14 Nov 07] • Date Updated [15 Nov 07]
When Willow activated the Slayers there was one girl in Neptune who answered the call. This girl is one tough cookie and when a Scoobie arrives to tell her about her destiny Veronica refuses to go anywhere for training.

So they reach a compromise someone will stay in Neptune to train her and Veronica gets to stay and attend Neptune High.

*Must be set in season one or two.

*Choose any Scoobie you like, but they have to fit in to Veronica's life.

*Must have Veronica/Logan or no pairing for V.
Television > Veronica Mars • Responses [0] • Date Added [14 Oct 07] • Date Updated [14 Jan 10]