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Author ChibiChibi

This is an idea I've had in my mind for a looooooong time, but with so many other stories I just don't have the time to write them... Ergo, here comes the challenge that was inspired by both the anime and movie "The Jungle Book" but also by the book by Rudyard Kipling, that's why I put it into the category literature classics.


Here's what I'd like the story to be about:

When Buffy was still a toddler, Joyce and Hank took her along on an expedition to India, where Joyce wanted to get some artefacts for her gallery in LA. On a free day they decided to do a sa...
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As long as Wesley remembers, he has been a Wyndam-Pryce, born and raised, disappointment to his father, failure as a watcher and now a member of Wolfram and Hart. But what he doesn't remember is his true past, his past as one Harry James Potter. He doesn't remember his friends, his former love or his battle against Voldemort. And he doesn't remember that he wanted it to be that way.

There is no nineteen years later. Shortly after the final battle against Voldemort, shortly after he has lost so many people he cared about, Harry makes a deal to escape the pain and the guilt. He gives up...
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A BtVS/Twilight challenge

BtVS: Post Season 7
Twilight: Post Eclipse

One day, a few weeks after the battle against Victoria, two strangers are suddenly standing in front of Bella's door. They will tell her something that will (once again) turn her life upside down. When Willow had activated all of the Potentials, Bella had been one of them. Until now she had been oblivious to her new strength, not noticing that she wasn't as clumsy as she used to be (despite breaking a lot more things than before due to her new strength).

Further down I've posted the beginni...
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