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Twisting The Hellmouth Crossing Over Awards - Results
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Author ConstanceTruggle

Buffy is checking in with the local New York slayers and her visit coincides with Halloween. Ethan gives his Halloween Chaos another go. Here are the points to hit.

1. Buffy is, for whatever reason you choose, dressed as Robin.
2. Buffy gets all Robin's knowledge, and retains it. It's up to you if she has all his abilities or not.
3a. Buffy ends up meeting up with Batman and doesn't understand why he claims she's not Robin.
3b. Buffy meets another DC character, either hero or villain, and chaos ensues. (eg: they claim she's not Robin, she kicks their asses just like Rob...
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I've had this floating in my head for a few days now. I'd love to write it, but with NaNo coming up, I have to put it off. Then I decided to see if anyone else wanted to take a stab at it.
Buffy is related to one of them.
Post season 7 Buffy, any season BBT.
If you put it after the Arctic incident, I would prefer to have Buffy upset as she knows betrayal, too.
I'm a Spuffy shipper, so if you could work that in, great! But please, do NOT pair Buffy up with anyone of the guys unless it's a really good Buffy/Sheldon.
Penny could also be into Sheldon. (I'm...
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