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Twisting The Hellmouth Crossing Over Awards - Results
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Author Jaded

So, a lot of Glee fics write Sue as a demon, cause, lets face it, the woman's a little wacko. When I was thinking on this, I realized I'd never seen a Glee fic where Mr. Schuester, the Glee club director, was the demon and Sue was just trying to do the right thing and deal with him without blowing her cover.

So, the challenge stands thus:

1) Schuester is demonic spawn; maybe the half human son of Sweets or some other demon using music. Use your imagination!
2) I'd like to see a serious attempt at trying to get the Schuester-is-a-demon angle down but crack is good too. :p...
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Yes, this is an Andrew challenge! A comedic one!

Tom Lenk (Andrew) did a hilarious song/dance routine called Fresh Chances.

My challenge is thus:
1 - Watch the video (in Youtube search, type in "Tom Lenk fresh chances" and it'll pop right up).
2 - Choose another fandom and characters in that fandom
3 - For whatever reason, the alternate fandom/characters attend a TALENT SHOW the Scoobies are hosting. Maybe its for the "Annual Sunnydale Reunion" or maybe its for the "Slayer Academy," the choice is yours.
4 - Describe the alternate fandom characters (and the ca...
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So, the Volturi in Twilight live in Italy and get their food from outside their little town. According to Canon, Buffy, Dawn, and Andrew live in Rome post Chosen.

So what happens when Buffy or Dawn meet up with one of the Volturi warriors?

Any ideas?

Brownie points if it's during the end of New Moon
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