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Twisting The Hellmouth Crossing Over Awards - Results
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Author thundever

This is a Halloween story, there have been fics about characters switching places in the aftermath of Ethan's spell and universes joining together as well, but what would happen if the spell caused just Batman and his rogues gallery to come to Sunnydale causing Gotham and Sunnydale to blend into each other and the two groups of heroes having to learn to work together

Must Haves:
- Batman and his tools as well as Alfred coming through at the end of the spell.
- Xander dressing either Commissioner Gordon or one of the Junior members of the Bat clan in order to have a mediator in...
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If there was one thing that the Scoobies could have done with through their adventures it was medical and investigative knowledge. So what if Buffy, Xander, Willow, Cordelia, Oz or even Giles dressed up as a member of the Diagnosis Murder Gang.

If it is Buffy, Willow, or Cordelia, the only main character I can think of is Doctor Amanda Bentley, but there might be others, but you could dress them accidentally as a female version of one of the male characters. Although you could do Delores Mitchell.

With Xander, Oz and Giles, you have a bit more choice, Doctor Mark Sloan, Lieut...
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There has been Gender bender with Xander as Supergirl, Power Girl and technically Zatanna in the DC universe but I've yet to see one with Xander as Wonder Woman or part of the Wonder clan.

Xander could be Diana, Donna (as Wonder Girl or Troia) or even Queen Hippolyta.
Preferably it would be a Gen story, but it could be Het.
Could be a Halloween story but doesn't have to be.
If its as Diana, any version could be used same as with Donna, she has many different origins.
These versions include, TV and Earth 2 which you could use as Hippolyta as there are differences betwe...
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Xander becomes a Flash Speedster it can be either via Halloween or just an accident of getting struck by Lightening and chemicals.

If it is via Halloween it would be preferable for the Flash to be one of the main ones: Jay Garrick, Barry Allen, Wally West or Bart Allen.

He could also dress as a Kid Flash

It could also x-over with Smallville as well
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Woody, Buzz and the others become Xander's toys and they learn about the fight through listening to the group and help out to the best of their abilities.

Must have:
Woody as Xander's favourite toy.
The toys still have good memories of Andy.

Can be set after any of the films but preferably not having Andy abandon the toys so any of the characters could be included. Can be started from any part of the Buffy series though it would probably be better for it to begin in the early seasons. Can begin pre series. Preferably Xander will not and won't have put the toys in stor...
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This challenge is not about Xander becoming Batman or most of the Bat-clan. It will hopefully focus on other member of Batman's universe.

It must:
- Have Xander be either Commissioner Gordon or another member of GPD. (The story could use Dick Grayson aka Nightwing but would have to have a good reason for him transferring to Gotham)
- Have Xander use the detective skills he learns or gains from them either via Possession or just memories.
-Xander helping to sort out Sunnydale PD.

Could Have:
- A reflective look back at what happened or as it involves.
-Be a...
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