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Author direbanshee

So, this idea came to me in the theatre and returned after I bought the movie.

Land of the Lost aready establishes that there is more than one plane of existence, so, in one world, while Holly, Will and Dr. Rick Marshall search for tackeon emissions Sam and Dean Winchester are in another, checking out Devil's Canyon for reports of a strange creature and, in yet another, Spike, Xander and Dawn are recruited to check out a missing person's case at the same crappy attraction.

So, what happens when all three groups meet up in the Land of the Lost? Will they ever get out? An...
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It's post NFA, Spike survived and has been helping Buffy and the new Slayers for at least a year when Giles sends Spike, Buffy, and several of the Slayers to pull a high risk job. Giles enlists the help of a former acquaintance, Danny Ocean who insists on bringing in his own team as well.

The job can be on anybody i.e. a new master vampire that's really into high tech, a new branch of the Initiative, Ethan Rayne or even just a training exercise, it's all up to you but there has to be a good explanation for why they're doing it. Maybe an exercise to make the girls act as a team or to...
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