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Author Sithicus

I am getting a tad bit tired of seeing the same old cliches, oh sure the characters are more well known, but quite frankly there are only so many Good ways that you can make a believable crossover with the above listed heroes before you get burned out on seeing the damn things.

So I am issuing a challenge of EPIC Proportions. I want to see somebody convincingly and with proper grammar and pacing skills write up a Marvel Comics crossover using characters that haven't been done to death.

I'm thinking along the lines of characters like The Micronauts, Power Pack, Jimmy Woo Agent...
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I challenge someone, anyone, to cook up a plausible method of crossing over one of the cornballiest television shows of the 1980's with one of the hottest vampire shows of the 1990's. Choose any of the scoobies, or all of the scoobies and send them to Flatbush, Brooklyn, home of the 'Super' Mario Brother's. Those illustrious plumbers who have encountered characters such as Sgt. Slaughter, Rowdy Roddy Piper, Inspector Gadget and many more.

Introduce some crazy, wacky, zany or even ordinary reason to explain their presence. Have them do anything your heart desires, as long as it doesn't...
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Dingoes Ate My Babies have been hired for a gig at a famous Cartoon Nightclub called the House of Mouse, The whole Scooby gang is whisked away on a crazy Carpet ride of an adventure when Oz and his band are hired. The reason, Minnie, Mickey or anyone else who works at the House of Mouse mistakenly thought they were hiring a band of real Dingoes.

Must haves...

The gang reacting as typical teenagers might if presented with a world of Real Cartoons.
Buffy demanding to know how it's possible that the club exists.
Xander asking one of the guests if Scooby-Doo ever shows up...
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Ladies and Gents if you are a fan of British Comedy Films then you ultimately must know of the Carry On series of films. And if you don't, FOR SHAME! LOL

Here then is the Challenge, create an entire Fanfic surrounding the premise that Buffy the Vampire Slayer and her gang have to Carry On Slaying. This wierd little idea just popped into my head while watching Carry On Sergeant tonight. As it started I said to myself Carry On Slaying and just burst out laughing at the thought of it. Alas my British exposure doesn't give me near enough of a confidence in handling such a Fanfic myself....
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I have no idea if it is even remotely possible, but I would love to see a Pink Panther/BtVS Cross. I'm thinking something along the lines of the famous Pink Panther Diamond could have mystical properties and so is stolen again, and yet again the Government of Lugash requests Chief Inspector Jacques Clousseau of the Seurte to find the thief.
Which ultimately leads him to run in to our favorite Scooby gang or even the Fang Gang.

What I'd like to see in this is Inspector Clousseaus' wacky antics, at least four assassination attempts by Former Chief Inspector Dreyfus, maybe even have ...
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I hereby issue this challenge, instead of having the Scoobies dress up in a different costume keep everything the same. With one catch, Jack Skellington shows up on Halloween night and chastises Ethan for his spell. Or congratulates him on all the fun Ethan's conjured. It can be a drabble, a one shot, a series, a full blown story, but I'd like to see Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Tim Burton's Nightmare Before Christmas meet.

Must include the introduction song from the movie at some point, must also include the narrator talking about holidays and the doors which lead to them. Must not b...
Movies > Nightmare Before Christmas, The • Responses [0] • Date Added [14 Apr 08] • Date Updated [18 Jan 10]
I hereby challenge someone, anyone to take one of the classic black and white horror movie monsters from Universals films and include them in a crossover with our favorite Scoobies, or even the Fang Gang. I want to see a story that takes Laurence Talbot 'The Wolf Man', Frankenstein's Monster, Dracula or heck The Invisible Man/The Mummy and have them become the central big bad of a fic/ficlet/drabble/series/story/what-have-you and don't just go with the reimagined versions from The Mummy/Van Helsing I'm talkin' classic horror staples.

I make no rules or stipulations except for the fac...
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Ok, here's a crazy idea for a Cross Over.

Buffy the Vampire Slayer Meets Jem and the Holograms.

What I'd really like to see is a story where one of the Buffy characters winds up falling in with the band and working at Starlight Mansion as a tutor/repairman/all around assistant.

I'd prefer it to be either Tara, Xander, Amy or heck even Spike to make it Truly Outrageous. LOL

Things I'd really like to see also include the following:

1) Jerrica/Jem marries long time Boyfriend Rio.

2) One of the Misfits is turned and for some reason is forcibly ...
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Everyone writes Fanfics featuring Buffy, Faith, Willow, Xander, Giles, Joyce heck even Illyria and Andrew get a few, but I don't think I have ever found a story told where either Xander's Parents, Buffy's Father or Willow's never seen parents are the main protagonists.

So I hereby issue a challenge, write a fic let or a drabble or a fanfic of epic proportions where the parents serve as primary protagonists.

What I'd like to see.

Tony & Jessica Harris Must Haves:

1) Tony played a High Stakes Poker game in his younger days with the creep from Angel wh...
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I have seen every Halloween Fanfic under the sun involving Costume changes where one of the cast gets a brand new ability or personality, many of them can be quite amusing or even fun, but I want to see something never attempted before.

Instead of a simple Halloween Fanfic where the Buffy or heck even Angel Character gains the abilities of the costume I want to see the personality of the Costume come alive, steal the resident BtVS/AtS characters' life and send the soul of their new body into their world.

Example: I started writing this one up a few months back, but I refuse t...
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