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Author Nerdgirl

When Q decided to punish q by making him human, he decided that he needed the full experience! So that meant turning him into a baby and letting him grow up on the Hellmouth. Halloween should give him a clue as to who he is, but perhaps not the power, until later. Will he still be the donut fetcher? The heart?
Star Trek > Star Trek - The Next Generation • Responses [0] • Date Added [19 Feb 12]
Xander Harris is more than he seems. A long time ago, a time lord went through the Chameleon Arch, but something went wrong. Not only was he changed into a human, he was changed into a baby and sent through time and space to...Sunnydale! What happens when old memories resurface? I would like to see some interaction with Jack Harkness and, possibly, the 11th doctor. If this occurs before the Hellmouth closes, something new and evil is drawn through the Hellmouth by the presence of an emerging Time Lord. If it is after, perhaps he visits Cardiff and something similar happens?
Dr. Who/Torchwood > Xander-Centered • Responses [0] • Date Added [5 Jul 11]
YAHF. What if, hanging in a corner of Ethan's costume shop was an old coat from WWII? What if that coat was a spare, once owned by Captain Jack Harkness, lost somehow. Perhaps the drycleaners lost it. Perhaps it got mixed up there. Perhaps Ethan saw it at the cleaners, liked it, and stole it. However it happened, Xander finds it, and wears it for Halloween. Your choice on how much of Jack he remembers, and whether or not he inherits Jack's curse of immortality. Bonus if Jack remembers Xander. I'd love to see the two of them meet at Torchwood during a crisis.
To be included: romance. Can b...
Dr. Who/Torchwood • Responses [1] • Date Added [10 Sep 09]
Somehow, one of the BTVS men is sent back in time, meets Snape's mother, and becomes Snape's father. How would having a loving environment change things for Snape during the Marauder years?
You could go for a comedic turn- either Xander or Andrew as the father, although Andrew might turn Snape into a Star Wars geek. I have a horrible image of Snape creating a spell to turn his wand into a lightsaber.
You might also go for the more serious- Giles as the father, teaching him weapons, etc.
Harry Potter • Responses [0] • Date Added [9 Aug 09]
When Q wanted to teach his son how to be human, he did NOT send him off to Captain Janeway. Instead, he temporarily blocked his memories, turned him into a human infant, and sent him to Sunnydale, California as....Xander Harris! That's right, Xander Harris, the Zeppo, the powerless one is actually a Q. I would like to see what would happen when Xander finds out who he really is, and what he does next. How will the gang react? If possible, I would also like to see Xander Q meeting Picard, as there are so many possibilities for mischief there.
Star Trek • Responses [0] • Date Added [3 Jan 09]
I loved X-files, but always wanted to see more of the Lone Gunmen. I am hoping for a story that is:
1. After the tv series, but not including the comic books.
2. Involves the Lone Gunmen investigating the 'conspiracy' behind the Slayer or the New Council.
3. Does not involve Mulder and Scully.

This could even be worked in as a side story to many current works in progress.
Thank you!
Television > X-Files, The • Responses [0] • Date Added [2 Nov 08] • Date Updated [8 Feb 10]
Everybody talks about the different costumes Xander and the others might have worn, but what about Giles? I want to give hime more attention, give him something interesting. Any fandom is ok! who's he going to be? An Alien? Prof. Dumbledore? George of the Jungle? the Joker?
come on, be creative! nothing ordinary!
Multiple Crossings • Responses [0] • Date Added [7 Dec 07]