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Author Intermundia

Okay, so I had an idea in history class today. It gave birth to a challenge:

What could happen if your favorite character, or anyone else, became the president, king, emperor or any kind of ruler?
What would they do? How would they affect the multi-verse? Who would gain power?
How could the world be changed? How could they be changed?

If a particular character were in control, how would things change?

To include: The chosen character should somehow make a significant difference in a way that would be considered to match their particular characteristics.
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I'd like to see characters from different fandoms trapped together in another dimension. Only one or two from every fandom, three (max four) if they're enemies. That way they have to cooperate with other people. Beacuse there's challenges they have to manage if they want to go home.

The dimension could consist of a house or a forest, maybe a cave; be creative! Anywhere they're alone. Of course, a challenge can demand different conditions if you want to. (It's a writer's magical right!)

This is not mandatory, but I'd like to see these fandoms beacuse they're rare; QaF(if u ...
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So, what if Xander spent a couple of months as a girl?
After a month or so of becoming a girl and being used to it Xander comes to San Fransisco. There he goes clubbing and meets Chris from the future. They have a one-night stand but something goes wrong. The Scoobies then realize after a while that Xander is pregnant.
Right before birth the baby decides to orb Xander to Halliwell Manor....
Charmed • Responses [2] • Date Added [24 Mar 08]
Okay, so this is a crossover with Criminal Minds.

Spencer, for some reason, have developed psychic abilities. They're new, he didn't have 'em all along.
He can hear dead people, see from other peoples eyes and occasionally hear stray thoughts.

Can take place at any time in Criminal Minds but should be post-series for Buffy.

The entire team knows something is up before Spencer does. He's answering questions even he shouldn't be able to know the answer to. And saying things responding to other peoples thoughts.
It shouldn't be to obvious though.

When ...
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