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Author lucidity

When Buffy graduates from high school she moves to New York. Maybe she gets a job as a self-defense instructor. She meets Vincent (from the TV show Beauty and the Beast) and they have the whole sappy-romance-mixed-with-actiony-battling-of-evil thing.

1. Create a plot. Have a bad guy. Name him after a candy bar.
2. I know the whole time line thing doesn't match up. Use artistic license to shift Buffy's time line to the 80's to match Beauty and the Beast.
3. At some point, someone has to ask "exactly how much of you is lion, anyway?" If you don't want Buffy to...
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I've seen several little stories about how Angel becomes human and turns into Booth. But who says Angel came first?

Once upon a time, Booth and Bones came across a mysterious object. Booth touched it (or something) and found himself back in time. He couldn't find a way back, so he became a tutor for a small girl in exchange for room and board. She became like a little sister to him very quickly... Then one day ... presto chango vampire.

So, what was the object that took him back in time? Did Bones go too? Does Angel not remember after all these years or is it just not somethi...
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The sorting hat knows more than he can say. He's held to the cryptic and uses hints and little pushes to nudge the students to their futures - for better or worse. Doesn't he sound like a balance demon to you?

This challenge is for you to answer a few questions (at least four of those below):

1. What came first, the spirit, or the hat?
2. Did Whistler get cursed? or is this a different balance demon? Or something completely different?
3. Does he have a way to move around? Does he ever go into town or between realities?
4. If he met a child he wanted to help, would...
Harry Potter • Responses [0] • Date Added [31 May 11]
A slight change to the canon - Hank was a scientist. He and Joyce were always fighting about his work. After they put Buffy into the mental institution, Hank did one more experiment. When he went home, Joyce yelled at him. But this time, instead of just yelling back, he turned into the Hulk!

Hank left, with his assistant, to try to find a cure. That'd be about when the TV show takes place. Years later, he finds his solution - a way to control the Hulk and only bring it on when he chooses. He returns to California, only to find his daughter really IS the Slayer!

Set i...
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What if Tara had to go back in time, or maybe she's sent back because if a spell. The point is, she goes back and meets Don Draper (or Dick Whitman if you prefer). It turns out, he is her great uncle or something.

You can have Spike tag along to the past, or have Tara run into him back then.

I just have this very non-specific idea about this. We know Don's dad was a jerk. What if he was Tara's grandfather?

If you can make it fly, this other little bunny is hopping around in my head. What if Tara (back in the past for some reason) tries to contact the Slayer ...
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Take the show Hogan' Heroes and add Xander. Does not need to be supernatural. Xander wishes to be a soldier because the happiest, most worth-while feelings he's had have not been his own - they are the soldier memories from Halloween.

So he says (probably while drunk) that he wishes he really was a soldier. And presto, he wakes up in a truck just as it stops at the prison camp where he meets Klink, Hogan, and everyone. Anybody need a carpenter? A fighter? I'm sure Hogan's Heroes would find some use for him.

If you want to just write an episode, that would be fine, but...
Television > Hogan's Heroes • Responses [1] • Date Added [15 Jun 08] • Date Updated [8 Feb 10]
Giles is Gandolf. That's pretty much the whole thing. I want a story where either:

1) Giles is how Gandolf started out. He acquires certain magics and is risen to the level of grey wizard (or whatever comes before that). He fights the good fight as the world changes around him. You'll probably have to fiddle with the LotR back story a touch, but probably just by scrunching the time line. You're smart. You can do it:)

2) In a time of need, the Scoobies call for aid. The spell is meant to persuade help from the Council. Instead, Giles finds himself possessed by Gandolf...
Lord of the Rings • Responses [0] • Date Added [6 Apr 08]
A bit more hands on than the usual Watcher, Harry fights side by side with his Slayer.

Make the Slayer Buffy, Faith, or maybe one of the Slayerettes (just not Kennedy, if you please).

For an extra challenge, set Dru as the Big Bad. I love that crazy chick:)

Have fun!
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Dirty Harry adopts Dawn after season 5. Dawn has accepted Buffy's death and the rest of the scoobies are still doing their thing on the Hellmouth.

Dawn realizes there are things in San Fransisco that her new dad, Harry, doesn't understand. Does she explain it to him? or does she go out on her own to fight?
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Monk is overwhelmed with joy when he is reinstated as a police detective. Unfortunately, there is no way he could have been prepared to have Faith as a partner!

At some point, use 3 of these 5 ideas ...
-after seeing Faith dust a vampire, he starts carrying a dust buster or a small broom in his kit so he can clean up after her.
-Faith refuses to play into Monk's issues, but secretly keeps the stash of wipes in the glove compartment replenished.
-At first, Faith tries to hide the supernatural from her weird little new partner, but he figures it out for himself, (maybe beca...
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Dawn and Spike move to Miami. Dawn gets a job at the police force and meets Dexter. She sets him up on a date with Spike and they find they have a lot in common.

For extra credit, create a new Dexter plot - don't follow the show's script.

Happy Writing!
Television > Dexter • Responses [1] • Date Added [17 Jan 08] • Date Updated [8 Feb 10]
My challenge to you is to cross Mick from Moonlight into the BtVS world, then flip it and have one or more characters from BtVS in the Moonlight world. Setting can be any time, but if it's part of cannon be sure you aren't just tossing a new character into previous scripts. I want a new story line.

Should involve Dru, Spike, Tara, and Mick, in major or minor roles, but can included anyone else in addition. If you use someone who has died, like Tara, then explain how they survived or whatever.

For those who want to add more complexity to an already difficult crossover (due...
Multiple Crossings • Responses [0] • Date Added [22 Dec 07]
I want to see more Dexter fics - that is my broader goal. But for this challenge....

Dexter finds a horrible man who he hunts to LA. He gets the guy strapped to a table, only to find the man is VERY hard to actually kill (most likely due to the fact that he's a vampire). It's up to you how Dexter figures it out and what he does with that information.

Please cross with several characters from BtVS/Angel, but only for brief passings and having very little to due with the story - just peripheral run-in kinda things, but lots of them.

Also, some of my favorite words ...
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