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Twisting The Hellmouth Crossing Over Awards - Results
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Author Angelfirenze

When sent away for safety by those who love them most, Dawn and Connor each end up in the Land of Ooo.

Finn and Jake, however, are not the first people or citizens of the Candy Kingdom they encounter, however. Funnily enough, particularly since the Ice King has that penchant for kidnapping while in search of a wife, Dawn ends up in Marceline's house -- the Ice King wouldn't dare hurt her there, after all.

Connor, of course, instead ends up in the company of Princess Bubblegum -- something that certainly makes Finn jealous if Ricardio the Heart Guy (also thanks to Ice King, o...
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Before her death, Kelly Gibbs was a Potential and upon hers and her mother's deaths, her soul was re-released into the ethereal plane.

During Angel's trials for Darla's life, his obsession with trying to save his own soul in the process was noticed by the Powers, who looked back and, in a rare show of benevolence, remembered the unjust way Angel's soul was returned to him in 'service' of Angelus' deeds and insist it's in the interest of maintaining a balance.

So they created not only one life to make up for Darla's second chance, but one for Angel's, as well.

In th...
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The title pretty much explains the challenge. There are quite a lot (conservatively) of Buffy's true father stories, but not one of them involves Special Federal Agent John Michael 'Jack' Malone from Without a Trace. I posit this challenge in the hope that that is soon remedied.

The idea is that Dawn runs away during the Glory situation and some of her powers as the Key are activated. She needs to be around biological family members in order for her protection to work and once she managed to cross the Sunnydale boundary, the monks' magic automatically deposited her with other biolo...
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Ron isn't the youngest of the Weasley sons, no, no -- nothing so pedestrian as waving a stick and saying a few words! He's the (adopted) younger brother of either of our favorite Sunnydalean redheads -- Oz or Willow, take your pick.

When he's eleven years old, Ron gets letters from both an American school of magic or Hogwarts, but declines to go, preferring to stay with his family and friends. Now, given Dumbledore not being the lackadaisical sort, he can't understand a Weasley (or not, in this case) attending any school other than Hogwarts.

Given Ron's different upbringi...
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