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Author VillageOrchid

Once JK revealed that Snape came from a non-wealthy background did you think that he would want to spend most of the summer in "that house."

As a potion master it would make more sense that he'd go on day trips (at least) to find rare potions ingredients that grow during the times that Hogwarts is closed during the summer.

When Dawn first "appears" in Joyce's memories, she also remembers that there's a good chance that Hank isn't Dawn's father. She remembers country-side bicycle trips in the rural parts of Wales, while Hank established business contracts and Buffy was at skat...
Harry Potter > Joyce-Centered • Responses [0] • Date Added [24 May 13]
TAG: Romana didn't need or want anyone, but Xander needed someone to protect.

Minor Spoilers for up to the current season at the end of the post.

Backstory Recap:

Romana II as played by Lala Ward is intelligent, self-sufficiencant and well educated.
She has a sense of play that has gotten her interested in engaging in the affairs of mortals but doesn't necessarily favor humans or the 20th century as the Doctor had.

We see her leave for another dimension with a K-9 when she leaves the Tom Baker Doctor, and don't hear about her again until briefly, possibl...
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Wesely goes through so much in the last few seasons of Angel. Rather than just have him dark-darker-dead as the show goes, I'd like to see him meet the Wonder Woman as portrayed in the television series (and perhaps with some comics info) right after he goes through the ordeal where he thinks he killed his father, but before he actually goes anywhere.

They meet in the park area right above the beaches in Santa Monica, where Wesely has gone to think in the early hours of the morning and the sun-rise.

Wesely as the grandson of the WW2 Steve Trevor a plus.

Friendship an...
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