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Author Aisu

What if John Casey's wife had a boy instead of a girl. What if after Alexander Corbin 'died' she didn't handle it so well. What if she turned to alchohal and eventualy moved to Sunnydale, what if Xander was Casey's son.

-Xander is Casey's son

The way I see it theres two good points at which you could bring the fandoms together, either The episode in Chuck where someone finds out about Casey's family and threatens them in order to get the pill or the Buffy Halloween epidose in which case the fatigues that Xander wore could have once belonged to ...
Television > Chuck • Responses [0] • Date Added [8 Oct 10]
What if Chuck wasn't the one to get the intersect, what if Xader was? This could be anytime, maybe it's preseason one, maybe it's post season seven, maybe it happened during his road trip post season three. In fact road trip sounds like an awsome Idea, if it happened during the road trip Xander could have met and made friends with Chuck and been staying with him when he got the intersect sent to him, they both could be the intersect

-Xander is the intersect
-Sarah and Casey are his handlers
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Simple premise, Alphabet fics, each letter in the alphabet gets it's own chapter. Whether it's a story with 26 chapters or a collection of 26 one shots, I don't really care. The only requirement for this fic, (other than the standard alphabet fic stuff listed above) is that each letter represents a different fandom that you are crossing with Buffy. IE: A is for Alias, B is for Batman, C is for Chuck, D is for Dragon ball and so on, pick what ever fandoms you want.

A couple of suggestions for you brave folks who try to make this in to a 26 chapter story rather than making 26 one shots....
Multiple Crossings • Responses [0] • Date Added [11 Jun 10]
You know, Martha Kent is from a pretty well to do family. The same type of well to do family I imagine Sheila Rosenberg is from. In fact Martha and Sheila look rather alike.

The premise of this challenge is simple, Sheila Rosenberg is Martha Kent's sister. Meaning Willow is Clark's cousin. I don't care where you go from there, just run with it.
Smallville > Willow-Centered • Responses [0] • Date Added [3 May 10]
Xander dresses as Captain Jack Harkness for halloween, and for some reason keeps his powers.

-An actual reason for Xander keeping his powers, for example maybe spike killed him and he came back to life right as the spell was ending.

-Xander like Jack becomes omnisexual, Demons afterall are rather atracted to him.
Dr. Who/Torchwood > Xander-Centered • Responses [0] • Date Added [27 Apr 10]
Okay, this is a crossover challenge where some people from a different series (and/or book, comic, Anime, movie, and so on) go to Sunnydale for some reason or another and the Scoobies never meet them. Why? Well because the Scoobies are to busy dealing with Sweet (The demon from the episode Once More with Feeling), so now the people you chose are stuck in Sunnydale for whatever reason you chose. What do they sing about?
Miscellaneous • Responses [0] • Date Added [27 Sep 08] • Date Updated [17 Nov 08]
I see a lot of stories where Xander is Sam and Deans brother, usually he's the yougest, born after Mary died though I've occasonaly seen it done where he's the middle brother, what I've never seen done is Xander being the older brother.

John must be Alive
John did not cheat on Mary (So either he and Mary gave him up and couldn't find him again or Xander is the child of the person John was seeing before Mary)

Xander could be a child from when John was really young that he had to give up for adoption, John could have been with Jessica Harris b...
Supernatural • Responses [1] • Date Added [4 Jul 08]
What if Hank didn't leave the Summers women for his secretary, what if he left them to protect them, after all being a member of the SGC is a dangerous business. Now let's take this one step farther what if, Xander, before going to the military surplus store for his costume he asked his friends if they had any army stuff lying around? What if Buffy did?
=Xander ends up dressing as up Hank Summers of SG-(Insert Number here)
=Hank has a valid reason for leaving the Summers women (Best I can come up with is the NID took a disliking to him but you can do what ever you want...
Stargate • Responses [0] • Date Added [27 Jun 08] • Date Updated [9 Nov 09]
In the movie Jumper Millie's mom was called Mrs Harris, I challenge someone to write a story with Xander as a jumper with this in mind. Millie could be Xander's Aunt, Cousin, Mother, Niece, half-sister whatever.
Xander is a Jumper
Millie is related to him
He still fights vampires and stuff
Watchers somehow related to paladins
Paladins Kill Xander's parents (I hate Xander's parents)
Movies > Jumper • Responses [0] • Date Added [23 Feb 08] • Date Updated [11 Jun 10]