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Twisting The Hellmouth Crossing Over Awards - Results
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Author KatrinaC

Xander, ordered by Giles, is cleaning out the nests of several Vampire and Demon nests when he runs into Lupin, Jigan and Goeman. The trio of thieves had been watching Xander since he began his thievery and were surprised at how effiecently he cleared the nests, or simply slipped in and out of the places undetected.

-Slash (preferably Lupin/Xander)
-Xander is offered a chance to work with Lupin and the others on a trail basis
-Joyce and Giles support the idea
-Friendship with Cordy
-Set after Graduation

Must Nots:
-Uber powerful Willow
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While Demons have been around forever.... People have forgotten the battles between heaven and hell.

Thousands of years later..... Xander, Methos and the Winchesters stumble upon an artifact that can save or destroy the human race.

1 - Xander left after highschool and never came back. He became an archaeologist specializing in the occult. He is a pre-immie
2 - Sam and Dean are lovers and have defeated the YED.... Dean never made the pact to save Sam's life
3 - Methos/Adam is on vacation from the "Boyscout" and doing a quick favour for Joe.
4 - Slash and ...
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What if Xander was the one that dove off the tower to close the portals, since he is the other half of Dawn's blood.

According to the Scobbies he dies, but his spirit is swept away and he gets revived 500 years in the future and lands in the cargo bay of Serenity?

Can be set before BDM

1) Xander/Mal Slash - how graphic depends on you.
2) Xander helps River control her mind better
3) Xander and Wash become best of friends
4) Jayne has to want Xander, but backs off once xander fights dirty and knocks him down.
5) Xander proves his worth by str...
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CSI (all three) - BtVS - NCIS

Xander goes to a Forensics Convention in Chicago, as per Giles orders, to give a briefing on things that go bump in the night. Upon arrival, Xander finds that he must share a room with another person. Both are displeased, but deal with it.

1 - Spike is a prop... as they need proof that Vampires exist
2 - One person from each CSI and NCIS are to be present (all male)
3 - The fic is gen or Slash (descriptions may vary)
4 - A demon attacks the hotel at night, and the four get to see Xander vanquish said demon.

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