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Author Meraculas

Darla's last hope of trying to get rid of her baby (Connor!) leads her to the Charmed Ones. Will they help her, try to vanquish her or call in Angel and Co.? Either way, Connor is born.

Hope to see:
* Connor and Piper having a close relationship no matter what happens
* Connor still getting captured by Holtz and growing up in Quor'thoth
* Charmed Ones update books of shadows with stuff about the Order of Aurelius, Hellmouths, Slayers, and the miracle human child
* Connor getting jealous when Wyatt is born
* Oz! (mild obsession)
Charmed • Responses [1] • Date Added [14 Feb 08]
Buffy/Dead Like Me

When Ray Summers from Dead Like Me goes missing because Mason killed him to protect Daisy, Buffy hears about her older brother's disappearance and decides to look into it.

Time line: There is no set time line for Buffy, but, naturally, this has to be after Mason kills Ray during season 2 of Dead Like Me

Interested to see explained:
Why Ray doesn't know about the nighttime spooks (aka demons, vampires, etc..)
Why he wasn't seen or heard from in Sunnydale
Why he never showed up for Joyce and Buffy's funerals (unless the story takes place ...
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