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Twisting The Hellmouth Crossing Over Awards - Results
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Author Chaoskitten

Xander is Sams son. Either age Xander back to a teen/kid or have him as an adult looking for his dad.
Perhaps Xanders mum is the woman that Sam married way back when he was young? Nothing was mentioned if Sam ever went back and saw her again. Either that or have Xander de-aged to a kid/ young teen and sent to his biological father.
If de-aged I want him to have some memories of his old life- and to play toy soldiers with Fi using that knowledge.

Have Michael and Fi find out about him- maybe Xander is in some trouble or something which crops up in Miami. It could eve...
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Dexter Morgan is in Miami. So is Horatio Caine. In some twisted way it is conceivable that they have worked together at least enough to know each other by face.

Add in one werewolf computer geek (aka Oz) doing. . . . well, be imaginative.

Would prefer Dexter based off the books, not the TV show (yes, this means his Dark Passenger is a demonic sort of entity).

How to the three get along? Does Oz recognize another predator?, will Dexter be able to hide his extra curricular activities, and will Horatio ever be able to catch the Bay City Butcher, and if he does. ...
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