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Author Jinxy

In prison Faith surely saw a psychiatrist or psychologist of some kind at some point...what if this doctor was Hannibal Lecter, in a universe where he was not yet sent to prison? What might result from such a meeting?
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Write a story,the longer the better, crossing over the movie The Cell with Jennifer Lopez and Vince Vaughn with Buffy. Using the technology in that movie that they used for Jennifer (Catherine was the character) to go into the coma patients' minds, have Buffy go into Faith's mind while she was in a coma in order to try and make her come back to the world of the living.

Must haves:

1. Buffy is not resentful of Faith, she forgives her and is concerned but not overly sappy
2. Faith is not evil, she is confused and frightened and insecure
3. Buffy sees aspects of Faith's...
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Just what it sounds like. Can be more than five, but at least five. Can use books/TV/movies/whatever.
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Just what it sounds like... crossovers. Could awaken to a certain situation, by certain people, whatever. Just go for it.
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I want the Buffy characters to suddenly be faced with another Doppelganger problem... only the people are not their vampire/whatever self, but rather other characters that the actors have played. For example, Kathryn from Cruel Intentions or Cici from Scream 2, Michelle from American Pie, Jessie from Wrong Turn, Adam from Valentine, all come at once to town and cause confusion and possible chaos. How do the others deal, and what is the explanation? Can be funny or serious.
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Okay... so I want stories where all the typical/classic masked killers from horror movies have somehow all come to the Hellmouth in droves. This can be set at any season between third and seventh.

Must haves:

1. No Angel/Buffy relationship, though they can be friends
2. NO Riley/Buffy
3. Dawn and Tara are okay but optional to have in story
4. Can change events of seasons- for example, have Buffy and Faith dating or something like that
5. Faith has to be a main or supporting character because I love the girl, lol. It can be centered on her or not, but she has ...
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