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Author deathgeonous

OK, so I have this idea. After a long time after not fade away, Illyria has been slowly getting her powers back and decides the old 'To hell with it, time to hit the reset button!' She's aiming to be in time to save Wesly, but misses the drop point due to not having used her time travel powers in quite some time and exits just as Fred gets banished while she was in college. Illyria's time portal plus Fred's dimensional portal equal one trip to a fandom of your choseing. The only things I'll ask that you do for this is have Illyria having spent so much time hiding out in her Fred form that they...
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I can't believe no one has ever thought of this one, but here it is. Yes it's another Halloween fic, but they're good, right?

Ok, here it is, Willow dresses as Lina Inverse for Halloween. Fear her. Now.

Must have,

Willow retaining Lina's Magical abilities, as well as some of her personality, such as her anger management issues and body consusality.

Willow fireballing someone (Preferably a vampire) for insulting her looks.

Xander groaning about Willow acting like Lina and how this is not a good thing at all. (He's read the books and or seen the Anim...
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