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Twisting The Hellmouth Crossing Over Awards - Results
Rules for Challenges

Author Alexei

CSI: Miami

1. Xander walk away from Sunnydale without telling anyone (you can write the reason he walk away. etc: been kick out from the group, or Buffy tell him that he useless or what. up to you)
2. Xander become CSI for Miami-Dade PD
3. Will meet with the old gang because some case.
4. SLASH!! Horatio/Xander (The important rule)
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1.The team know that Xander lie to them about the spell and they kick him out from the group. 2.Xander isn't human from the very beginning; choose one of this race: Silvia (the fallen angel) or high class vampire (can walk in the sunlight and not always need blood to survive)
3. Must change his name become Alexander Joanna Harrington a.k.a. Alexei
4. Must become Gibbs' team members at NCIS and change many event in the TV series. example: Kate not die because Xander help her, etc.
5. SLASH!!! Gibbs/Xander(It's the important rule)
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