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Twisting The Hellmouth Crossing Over Awards - Results
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Author OneshotYaoiShipper

A couple of years after the fall of Sunnydale Faith, Dawn, and
the Scoobies find out everything they thought they knew is a lie.
TPTB are not the deciding factor for mankind, Slayers were always
meant to hunt in packs, and Glory never could have used the key
if the monks hadn't given it human form. After going over the
history of the Heroes of Sunnydale, they decide that they deserve
a Do-Over so the boss (or bosses) of TPTB have decided to make
things right. So they start searching through time, space and other
dimensions for the right familes for our her...
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Tara was never supposed to die the day she was shot but because of the first the bullet was off and she did. Because Tara was their last Earth-Mother witch the PtB decide she's to far to important to be allowed to die and they force her into being reborn, finding herself reborn into a new family with a new life Tara isn't isn't sure what's she supposed to do and worse her memories of Sunnydale are coming back. How is Tara and her new family supposed to deal with this?

I would love to see a child Tara going through this, but a teenage Tara will do.
Would also love to see her with a...
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Instead of sending Dawn to Buffy as a sister the monks send her as Buffys daughter. After being brought back to life by Willow, Buffy realizes that the hellmouth is not a safe place for her child and Willows magic addiction and Xander cluelessness is not helping put her at ease. So grabbing her child she runs away from the hellmouth to find a safe place for them for them both, along the way she meets Dawns father and finds out her true destiny.

You can decide which pairing you want this to be.
I would like to not to see any character bashing but it won't bother me if it happens....
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Instead of the PTB's sending Dawn to Buffy, like the Monks wanted
they decided to send her to another hero or heroes, (your choice),
as their daughter. Allowing her to lead a Glory free life, though confusing
Buffy on this Sister the Monk spoke of, they never find out where Glory's key.

Bonus Points: If it's someone outside of the Scoobies is Dawn parent or parents.

Bonus Points: For non-normal family, like DCU or Marvel, and Dawn has her key powers.

Bonus Points: For happy childhood, with no abuse of Dawn.

Bonus Points: If Dawn has a best frie...
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Instead of Buffy jumping off the tower Dawn jumps in her place.
The powers finally deciding to take pity on one of their own champions,
wipes her memories and send her to another world giving her a new life
and a new family. Finding love in the oddest place and in general having
a good life, only to after finding the love of her life being dropped back
into the Scoobies laps, not remembering them and them not remembering
her. They have to find a way to send her home, all the while having
strange feelings of Deja-Vu that never seem to completely go away.
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Okay here goes, please understand this is my first time doing this so I'm gonna make a list,
then state my idea, nobody has to go with my idea but it would be so cool if you did.

Bad Buffy and Willow, other characters can be good or bad, whichever the writer

It doesn't matter to me what Crossovers you choose but please try and make it
all believable, not everything has to be explained but it would be nice if some of
the stuff important to the story were.

I don't mind the use of OC's but please try and keep them to a few, instead of so
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