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Author DeepBlueJoy

From a topic I started on the forum it came up that Denisof and Hannigan's anniversary is approaching and the idea of a Denisof/Hannigan challenge came up. I'd like to issue (part of) that challenge...

**I am specifically interested in Willow and Wesley AS A COUPLE** as it's much too rare in fanfic.

I would very much like to see this happen in a crossover universe (one or more)... where they might or might not meet their alternative selves, (other characters the actors have played) but they will be involved with each other...

Wesley and Willow against the world...
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This is simple... A crossover with the
Robin Hood, Men in Tights... that involves lots of singing...

Must have Buffy, Spike, Faith & Dru -- any other _Whedonverse_ characters welcome

Must Be FUNNY! Sweet could be involved...

If you respond, please let me know! Thanks


PS: as always, no Anita Blake. Thanks!
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I'd like a completely *different* take on the Drusilla gets her soul back theme than mine. I'd love to see Comedy, Drama, Action, Musical --- either all in one story any of the above.

-How does she get her soul back?
-How does Drusilla's getting her soul back change (or not):
a) the world
b) people around her
c) Drusilla herself.

If it occurs during Btvs/Angel 1-7/1-5, how does it change things?

1 *Must* have a crossover pairing... male or female. Prefer it to be romantic, but I'm flexible.

2 Absolutely *no* ...
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