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Twisting The Hellmouth Crossing Over Awards - Results
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Author TouchoftheWind

This challenge is based on the portal Holtz jumps through in Season 3. What if the portal didn't lead them to Quor-Toth?

Some fanart and ideas for the challenge can be found here:
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Recently I have come to love two series The Kids Series by toots and Hermocrates by Jaded. These stories are both brilliant and I highly recommend them. The general gist is that the Buffy and Angel Champions have all died somehow but the Powers then decided to de-age them and give them a new life. These two series are crossed with Stargate.

Yesterday I read a new story (Two Dozen by Avon) which was inspired by The Kids Series but this time the children were sent to the Halliwell's.

This got me thinking and I couldn't help but think this type of premise is a wonderful idea and...
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Law and Order SVU Crossover

When Elliot and Olivia are investigating a case they encounter a victim, Connor, who makes them wonder if he is really affected by what happened at all. However, as the case unfolds they realise that there is more to this teen than what they see and he may be more damaged than they expected.

Things to think about:

Connor is the victim. It doesn’t have to be rape but it does need to be enough for the Special Victims Unit to come and investigate. Connor is 16 in this making him Underage. You can have Connor placed into an episode and used ...
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Fanart for challenge here:

This is a challenge which has lots of ideas about which family Connor could have being sent to when Angel made the deal. I do allow more than one person to write each idea, though if there is already a response please read that one first.

There is over 75 ideas in this challenge, more are added all the time, since there is so many please head over to the Fanart for the challenge (link at the top) and there is some additional information on the first chp....
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Pairings: SpikeGreg

Outline: When Spike decides to visit Las Vegas the last thing he expects is to meet Greg Sanders who he dated a few years back. And when Greg is hurt on a case he must protect the young CSI without the other knowing.
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This is a challenge which has lots of ideas about what could have happened to Connor during Season 4.

Smallville Crossover

Summary: When Oliver goes to LA on some business he is attacked by some vampires, a boy saves him. He tracks down the teen and sees he is living on the streets and has enhanced strength. He offers the boy a place in the Justice League. Connor accepts and Oliver takes him to Metropolis to meet the Team (Clark and Chloe has joined the team). 5 months later Connor has found a place among the team and is friends with them all. However when they are needed in ...
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