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Author mpop

I was just re-watching the LotR trilogy last night and when I heard the title "witch-king of Angmar" and I had a vision of Willow challenging him over the title.

Afterwards I had some fun thinking up different ways of how the confrontation came about.
The most fun I came up with was that Willow was drunk while watching the movie and magicked herself there because she became angry that someone declared themselves king over her. In that one she just appeared in front of him staggering while he (and everyone else) stares at her. Then they stare even further when she uses her magic t...
Lord of the Rings > Willow-Centered • Responses [1] • Date Added [8 Apr 10]
A couple of years ago I read a story where Willow didn't turn back from evil because of the infamous yellow crayon instead she realised that it would be much more fun to rule the world than destroy it. The fic I read had Willow go to HP wizarding world for this purpose.

I want a fic where Willow go to St. Louis instead.

Must have:

Willow acting vulnerable to the Scoobies and fooling all of them.
Willow acting vulnerable to the St. Louis-gang (no telling whether she fools them though)
Willow going to St. Louis for a reason (I've read enough stories where it's ...
Anita Blake > Willow-Centered • Responses [0] • Date Added [2 Jun 09] • Date Updated [9 Feb 10]
You read a lot of fics where Dawn and Buffy are fighting and one of them makes a wish that changes the other into something. I want to read a story where Dawn gets mad and wishes that she wasn't the youngest summer's, and Samantha Carter appears as a little girl.

Don't want to see:

1. Everyone of Sam's friends forgetting about her and the Scoobies "remembering" her. You can do either one or the other but you can't do both.
2. Sam losing her memory.
3. Dawn "remembering".
4. SGC rescuing her after just a little time has past. She should stay for at least a few mont...
Stargate > General > Characters: Sam Carter • Responses [0] • Date Added [9 Nov 08] • Date Updated [9 Feb 10]
A Scooby (preferably Faith) is watching an episode of Stargate SG1 and is complaining that she/he wished she/he was there so that she/he could do a better job, or something along those lines. If you choose Faith she can be watching while still in prison but that is not a must.

Must have:
If the Scooby isn't Faith she must still be one of the ones that appear.
The Scooby appear directly in front of SG1 just after the wish.

Not have:
The Scooby replacing a member of SG1 (because of the wish) she/he have to appear in thin air.
More than five Scoobies appear in St...
Stargate • Responses [2] • Date Added [28 Jun 08]