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Twisting The Hellmouth Crossing Over Awards - Results
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Author banditobane

Crossover to The Expendables

Xander leaves Sunnydale after Buffy kicks him out of the group. After a few weeks on the road Xander heads to the deserts of west where he spends time with his uncle from his mother's side who was half Apache half Comanche. Xander spends two years in the desert where his uncle teaches how to snipe, how to track and how to use Apache and Comanche weapons. Xander leaves to LA where he meets an old war buddy of his uncle Rory, Barney Ross. Barney is impressed with Xander's skill he offers him a job in his team of elite mercenaries The Expendables, Lee Christm...
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Dr. Helen Magnus learns that her daughter Ashley is alive and is being held by the remnants of the Cabal in an old top secret base formally used by the soviet army now converted as a prison for abnormals. Her only hope of saving her daughter is black ops soldier who originally destroyed the base, Micheal Cray codename Death Blow. But he had died eight years ago, yet his fatigues and dog tags were bought by a teenager in California named Xander Harris. After night of Halloween the memories and training of Death Blow is now his. Magnus uses her skills to awaken those memories to help her find he...
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A challenge to the Hitman series.

Seventeen years ago Tony and Jessica Harris, a husband and wife assassination team, go to Romania where they find a baby with a bar code tattooed on the back of his head. They learn of Dr. Otto Wolfgang Ort-Meyer and his killer clones, they also learn of the activation codes that would give the baby the abilities of a special forces solider and strength and agility five Olympic athletes . Tony and Jessica decide to raise the child as their own while training him at the same time and name the boy Alexander Laville Harris. When Xander turned seventeen h...
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This is a retelling of the movie 'Taken' staring Liam Neeson.
Xander had been taken off the Scoobies at the beginning of Season 3 and moves to LA where he trains to become a Preventer. While there Dawn comes to visit him often and keep in the loop of what is happening in Sunnydale.
Two years later with help of Angel, Wes, and Cordy Xander opens a bodyguard agency where helps protect the stars of Hollywood.
When Dawn says she is going on a trip to Paris Xander worries and sends a phone with her. In Pairs Dawn is kidnapped and Xander only has 96 hours to find her.

The rest o...
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During his road trip Xander meet Caleb Colton (Near Dark), a vampire hunter who had his share of dealing with the high and mighty mind set of the Slayers. He introduces Xander to world of vampires that he didn't know excited, as well as more then one breed of vampire. Xander joins Caleb, his wife Mea (Near Dark), his younger sister Sarah (Near Dark), surf board shaper Edgar Frog (Lost Boys), and former convict Seth Gecko (From Dusk Till Dawn) on mission to kill as many vamps they find. When rumors spread of a war between the masters of every race of vampire all roads lead to Los Angles where a...
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Xander and Cordelia get engaged and invite their closest friends and family to share the news.

Xander invites the Scoobies and his uncle Ray Stantz and his co-workers, Peter, Egon and Winston. (The Ghostbusters)

Cordy invites Team Fang and her cousins Piper and Phoebe Haliwell and Paige Matthews. (The Charmed Ones)

During dinner a Big Bad attacks them and it will take The Scoobies, Team Fang, The Charmed Ones and The Ghostbusters to stop them.

Have fun.
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Xander dresses as Paul Kersey from the Death Wish movies for Halloween. After the Chaos spell is broken Xander retains all of the memories, knowledge and experiences of Kersey. He uses them to bring his own brand of justice to scourge Sunnydale weather it humans or demons. Xander grants them their Death Wish.

Important points
Xander must only use guns, stakes, knives and explosives, nothing else.
Xander/ anyone, no slash.
Buffy tries to stop Xander.
Xander kills the Mayor before graduation

Xander kills a group of jocks who try to rape Willow....
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