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Twisting The Hellmouth Crossing Over Awards - Results
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Author calileane

P.S: for this one challenge you can chose to take only parts of the challenge, even if I would love to see all those things in one story ^^ (there's 3 parts). There's 3 BONUS that I would adore you for too.

Xander decided his Halloween costume should be as unique as he could make it. Why be a soldier when he knew many boys would make the same choice?

No, the idea came to him after seeing the Avengers' battle in the news. Thor was cool! And when compared to the man who had 'raised' him, Xander would love to pretend for just one night to have a very different father.

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Wish demons gain power from those that wish to them. And only those of Earth realm can be heard and answered. This is the One Rule known to all.

The one thing wish demons never admitted to is this: 'Only those IN Earth Realm can be heard and answered.' Why would they care if humans and other beings mistranslated?

Where it becomes somewhat important is when One Being not from earth makes a wish while ON Earth, never knowing or realizing someone heard him that gained the power to answer from that wish. As sarcastic The One Being was at the time he pronounced those words:
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Harry only knew two things in the mist encircling his mind after suffering abuse for so long this holidays: Nothing would come save him of his family, and he would not survive this summer.

He was right in that he wouldn't survive. But when times end for someone, it begin for another.

Somewhere else in England, Alexander Harris is attacked by a demon while protecting a young new slayer. The problem: being touched by this kind of demon make the victim become pregnant, even if she is male.

Xander bear a new life who was once Harry Potter. But his child doesn't have a pr...
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Someone, one of the Scoobies preferably, make a wish under certain circumstances.

1. The wish is basically: "I wish that you received what you deserved." (sorry if i didn't have the good conjugation, I'm a french with a basic English...)

2. I would love it if Xander was the one concerned by the wish.

3. The person saying the wish should be angered by the other, but should be in the wrong: a Scoobies member treating him like trash, like they always do.

4. Xander will 'receive' exactly what he deserves. I mean that he should be transported in any other fandom ...
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"After his adventure with the red kryptonite, Clark Kent is ones more seen as the bad guy who never tell the truth by his friends and family. The one who can't be trusted with anything. Tired of it all, he decides to go away. In his travels, he stops in the city of Sunnydale for the night.

Unfortunately for him, the hellmouth has strange results on his powers. It transform him. Suddenly he is not a non human from another planet, but a non human from earth. Kind of a cross between human and demon. The first of his kind but not the only.

In fact he will encountered Xander Harri...
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