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Author TheDon

Xander has the unique yet unusual ability to gain power through possession. it can be an x-gene or it could whatever but the bottom line is that is an ability unique to him.

The hyena possesses him and gets taken out like cannon but he keeps the power and abilities. he gets possessed by his Halloween costume he keeps the skills, powers, and abilities. Dracula makes him his bitch, he comes away with some kinda ability(ies) from him. anything that possesses or control him continues to add to his power. if anything were to posses him his secondary ability would be to naturally and very e...
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I'm not sure what season this happened, perhaps the 3rd but instead of Buffy getting hit with the aspect of a demon and geting a super powerful telepathy ability Xander is the one who ends up with it instead and through whatever reasons he ends up keeping the ability under control and is able to use it from then on at will.

the series continues as usual til graduation where Xander desides to leave sunnydale for the forseeable future and only come back when the devil itself comes a knockin because thanks to his telepathy he was able to see just how much they dont want him around and i...
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I've read a few stories where a scooby member goes back in time to help stop all crap in the show from happening and a usually theres a good bit of buffy bashing involved in this. but what I want to see is something a little differerent from that but mostly the same.

I challenge you to write a Xander-centric story where both Xander and Willow come back in time but instead of the normal timeline they come back in an alternate dimension, specifically the dimension where the episode 'the wish' took place where buffy ends up going to cleveland instead of sunnydale or where ever place she ...
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I was reading a manga called Read or Die, when i saw the abilities that Yomiko Readman has i was like thats an awesome skill to have. so freakin unique too. everyone would think that controling paper wouldnt be a powerful ability but seeing Yomiko do what she does that opinion changed quick fast. ayways this challenge is to write a story where Xander has the powers and abilities of a powerful paper master.

The ability to read hella fast and the ability to easily decipher unfamiliar languages will help Xander out a lot. Giles can help him with his sword skills if necessary. anyways run...
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Xander modeled after the marvel comic character prodigy(David Alleyne). Xander should have his abilities or it can be a temporary and fade over time like xanders soldier man knowledge left him only he gets to keep whatever knoeledge and skills he picked up from when he had prodigys abilities.

Either: i figure he'd keep the powers and they start to fade away completely maybe a few months after halloween but whatever knowledge and such he obsorbs in that time he gets to keep

Or: he can permanately have his powers but has the mental blocks that prodigy had where the knowledge i...
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I've read stories where xander becomes like Tony Stark and built himself his Ironman suit, shit I even heard of one where he became Victor Von Doom, I havent read it but I have heard of it, theres even the Master Chief from Halo; I'm wondering though, are there any where Xander went as Mr. Fantastic from the Fantastic Four? If so there should be more. My challenge to you is to create a fic where Xander either has crazy genius intellect like Mr.Fantastic or he goes as him for Halloween and gains his abilities and intellect.

The only thing that I want is to see whichever girl he is havi...
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I was reading this list on live journal about all the things that Xander is no longer aloud to do. i read it and i was cracking up on a lot of em and i thought it would be awesome if he actually did that in a story. so my challenge to you is to write a story where Xander is the Batman of the Scooby gang, meaning he might not have any supernatural powers but he can still kick ass using the gifts that were given to him or whatever he finds in the environment like a lead pipe or something. He should use modern weapons too, not everyone can take hit to the face from vampires and shit. he can also...
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everyone knows that Xander and magic don't get along at all. but i remember reading about how when Xander was a kid a house next door to his caught on fire and he thought that Willow did it cause she knew how much he wanted to see it or something like that and another where Xander reads a magic book out loud and the thing catches fire on him. when I remembered that I thought, what if Xander truly does suck at all magic except for fire magic. So here is how it should be:

~You can cross it over with whatever you want though SG-1 and charmed might be fun cause I'd like to see Xander flir...
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Xander is Chaos personified. any plans made by both bad guys and good guys, but bad guys especially, are screwed up when he's involved. prophecies are made null in void in his presence. A cosmic wild card with no set destiny, unchained by fate. Free to do as he wishes.

Xander's personality would be a sarcastic realist with a mixture of James Bond when it comes to women, though to a smaller extent cause well no one can be like James bond(Connery was the best, word to mother son) he takes no shit from no one, not even so called deities. he uses sex and his artistic abilities as a way to...
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A story in which Xander isnt some sort of mutant or metahuman but one in which hes simply more forceful and driven. he finds himself interested in psychology to the same level that willow was interested in technology and hacking and later magic. you can also fit in his ability as the one who sees into that. his ability to see things tempered by his actual knowledge of human behavior hed be pretty much impossible to bullshit in anyway. hed get to the bottom of many situations and be able to see/sense whats goin on around him. I like to think of it as him having 'force perception' with some empa...
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