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Twisting The Hellmouth Crossing Over Awards - Results
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Author Rorschach

The Prophet Chuck seems to be a lonely fellow. So Heaven has decided to send some colleagues his way. One Prophet that never shuts up and the other is the strong silent type.

Would like to see maybe a ficlet based around Chuck meeting up with Jay and Silent Bob and discussing things related to their duties as prophets.

Also like to see no pairings and maybe having the Winchesters meet the New Jersey holy men would be awesome.
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This bunny hit me full on while I was reading Tenjou Tenge. The bunny says that it would like to see Xander as either a Halloween version of Bunshichi Tawara or as a natural version.

One way to do this is have him dress up like Bunshichi for Halloween knowingly or not could be up to you. Or he could be born with the amazing power and mind like Tawara but decided not to use it unless absolutely necessary again Willow and Jesse could have known or not its up to you.

Some things that I would like to see are Buffy and Giles not knowing about it and then kind of freaking out wh...
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An epiphany struck me while I was watching Jet Li's 'Unleashed' today.
What if Xander's dad was more than just a drunk, but the most powerful loan shark in Sunnydale? Continuing that thought what if Xander was his main way of enforcement.

Here's the idea, Xander is trained since like 3 years old to be a killer on command from his dad. His dad had Xander trained in various forms of combat, but if you want to see the preferred style of combat watch 'Unleashed'. Xander could be amped up in a way like his dad made a deal so that Xander could match most of the denizens of Sunnydale, ...
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I have just got this idea and figure it would be kind of interesting. What if Xander had the power to cause accidents and disasters.

Well if someone actually decides to take this he could cause disasters to anyone or thing through touch, or could influence the probability of a disaster or accident through force of will.

For a twist in the Buffy-verse he could never have made friends because his touch could cause harm them and is a loner.

He could find out about vampires the regular way and such.

One request is that he hunts alone for sometime and then meet...
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