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Author Vathara

I've seen some WH40K/BtVS crosses, and they all seem either start out dark or go incredibly grimdark over time. Let's do something different. Something more in the spirit of, "Cavalry's here. Cavalry's a frightened guy with a rock, but it's here." Xander goes as a soldier for Halloween... a soldier with a red sash, a black coat, and a very nifty hat.

Cain's reaction to waking up on a Hellmouth is likely to be equal parts surprise, "run away if I could figure out _where,"_ and no little measure of absolute glee at having enemies he ca...
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BtVS/Sword Art Online cross.

YAHF... with a twist.

The SAO incident happened in Buffy-verse, and the Scoobies have heard about it. Xander has wailed that he couldn't even afford the equipment; Willow was a Near Miss at being in the game. But that was (for the most part) in Japan; there's no way it could affect anyone not currently trapped under a NervGear....

Or not. In this cross - Kayaba was a technomancer. (Thus allowing NervGear tech this early in the timeline.) And it's canon that there are seasonal events in Sword Art Online, such as the Christmas boss that d...
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I've seen many a YAHF where Xander gains know-how, skills, or other abilities that let him have a major effect on the history of the Hellmouth as we know it. Now, I want to see Buffy Conquer The World.

Pick a fandom, any fandom. I'd love to see this done with Buffy going as Princess Azula from Avatar the Last Airbender, but any villain(ess) or background evil character would work.

The backstory: Buffy did not take finding Angel with Cordelia, post-pumpkin patch, well. But instead of going as a frilly girl Angel would like, she decides to take her own "come as you aren't" ad...
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YAHF, or all-out alien invasion - you pick.

Xander's been many kinds of soldiers. Why not one from the Posleen Wars? (AKA The Legacy of the Aldanata series, by John Ringo and others.)

Having the memories of a soldier with experience fighting large, extremely hard to kill, man-eating (and everything-else-eating) aliens would be interesting enough in the Buffyverse.

But if the Posleen were to invade Earth... whose side will demonkind choose? I doubt vampires can feed on alien blood, and Spike's smart enough to figure that out. Plus, the idea of Drusilla playing with...
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Bleach/Monochrome Factor.

In the second episode of Monochrome Factor, the Master says, roughly, that of all the creatures perceived as ghosts and phantoms, he can only sense shin and kokuchi. Which implies that other ghosts do exist. So, why haven't our two serious trouble magnets - Akira Nikaidou and Ichigo Kurosaki - run into each other, or each other's monsters (kokuchi and Hollows), yet? What happens when Homurabi and Aizen each find out someone else is trying to take over the world? And - what I'd most like to see - how much trouble does Akira get into when he and/or Shirogane ar...
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