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Twisting The Hellmouth Crossing Over Awards - Results
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Author HebiR

It's strange that there are no LotR fanfics featuring Oz, especially as Middle Earth has its own werewolves. I'd love to see Oz make his way to Ea as a werewolf or warg.

He may start out alone, with goblins, in a warg pack, or with Sauron's forces, but he must try to join up with the forces opposing Sauron. I would imagine Oz would be just as good at getting his point across without speech while canine as he did as a human.

Oz may be involved with the Fellowship or some other group of fighters against Saur...
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When Willow did her spell, Alexis Castle was ready to be strong. The new Council/Scoobies, on the other hand, are not ready for her father. And Richard Castle is going to have an interesting reaction to his daughter's Calling.

Please show:

* The mandatory Scooby freak-out when they first see Richard's face. You decide if they know about his books, and whether they see a photograph first, or react when they meet him.

* How do Richard (and Martha) take Alexis's Calling? And what will Castle do with a whole world of demons and magic to explore (and get himself in tr...
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Portal problems land some combination of the Scooby gang in Azeroth. I'd actually love to see a few different takes on this idea, and I have some suggestions below.
As Warcraft alreadt has canon portals, demons, and undead that are both like and unlike anything the Scoobies have ever seens, I think this could be extremely fun.

Please pick something like the following:
-At the end of season five, Dawn jumps through the portal and ends up in Azeroth. She can end up entirey alone, or have one or more Scoobies join her, but if it's the latter, the Scoobies should be split up, ...
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Dawn either takes the jump in season five or gets caught in a portal post season seven. She winds up on an earth without the demons she knows, but with a whole new kind of vampire(Methesulah) problem, nine hundred years after "Armageddon."

Response MUST include:
-Dawn joining the Vatican.

-Dawn has excellent fighting skills, at least for a human. She can learn how to shoot. She has BASIC magic skills, not much further developed than floating pencils.

May include:
-Up to three of the following characters may follow after Dawn: Spike (who should not be str...
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Inspired by "A Charming Interlude" by DemonChildeKyra: After she "died" on Angel, Cordelia was sent to San Fransisco as an agent of the PTB. You decided why, but the story MUST include:

-the Charmed Ones finding out about the deception, 'cause where's the fun otherwise?
-Lorne helping Cordelia in some way.
-Cordelia is still at least half demon throughout the story.
-Since the Avatars are very similar to Jasmine, Cordelia is particularly determined to stop them.

Bonus points if you include:
-Phantom Dennis.
-Lorne singing the kids to sleep. And how the...
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