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Author Xeelia

So I've been trying to write this but not going so well so passing the idea on...

At the end of BtVS Spike burns up in the caverns, what if instead of popping up as a ghost at Wolfram & Hart the Powers gave him a reward...the shanshu, but with a twist. He becomes human and, do to fancy memory making, he is given a whole new life, in a new world. His life is full of twists and turns but in the end he has become "Death" using his middle name Edward.

At some point Dawn and Drusilla fall into his new life, both having been searching for him.

Everything else is ...
Anita Blake > Spike-Centered • Responses [0] • Date Added [5 Oct 11]
Crossover with SyFy's Alphas. Post season 7 for Buffy, ignoring the comics. One or more of the newly called Slayers have been imprisoned at the Compound. Andrew finds out and a team is sent in to rescue them. During the rescue they find the atrocities being carried out there and rescue all the Alphas there. Part of the team eventually both leaves the new Council and joins Red Flag, finally confronting Dr. Rosen and his team and shedding light on what is actually happening.

The part of the team that leaves the Council is: Willow, Andrew, Dawn, and Faith, they draw in Angel, Spike,...
Television > Other-Science Fiction • Responses [0] • Date Added [17 Aug 11]
Hank and Joyce Summers were from the wizarding world (purebloods). It was thought that Buffy was a squib but in fact she was a potential and later a slayer. Dawn was the reason Joyce moved herself and her girls to Sunnydale after the divorce, so Dawn could go the the wizarding school there. After Joyce's death Dawn's godmother, Narcissa Malfoy, is given custody. Buffy agrees because she thinks Dawn will be safer but Dawn feels like she's being pushed away by her sister.

Dawn (16) is accepted to Hogwarts, the transfer is OKed mostly because of her godmother's station and power. Dr...
Harry Potter > Dawn-Centered > Pairing: Draco Malfoy • Responses [0] • Date Added [16 Mar 11]
After Buffy's sacrifice Dawn is sent to live with her aunt Jenna, Hank's little sister. (Hank changed his last name from Sommers to Summers for whatever reason) Dawn is older, the same age as Elena. Elena introduces her to Stefan, whom Dawn can't stand because he reminds her of Angel. She however really likes Damon and they get a long well. Set pre-return of Katherine. Evental Damon/Dawn pairing.

Bonus points for:
Having Spike and/or Angel show up to check on her and threaten Damon.
Having Damn and Dawn snark at Stefan for his tortured soul act.
Having Damon save Daw...
Literature > L.J. Smith >  • Responses [0] • Date Added [10 Dec 10]
Dawn is not the Key, she is Buffy's 16 year old half sister. Hank had always been a cheater and one night Joyce cheated as well, producing Dawn. She and Hank both knew because Hank had had a vasectomy after Buffy was born. The Hellmouth is the reason vamps are the way they are there, the rest of the world is as it is in the Anita books.

Joyce dies like she does in BtVS and at her funereal Dawn's father shows up to claim her and take custody of her. He has all the legal documents stating that Joyce had wanted this, Buffy knew about it as well. Giles and Spike are worried though ...
Anita Blake > Dawn-Centered • Responses [1] • Date Added [1 Nov 10]
Repo! The Genetic Opera/Btvs crossover.

The darker the story the better!

Dawn was never the key, just Buffy's sister, but Glory is around and opens a group of portals sending a bunch of the Buffy'verse people, from all over not just Sunnydale, to the Repo'verse. Dawn is one of the people to get sucked into a portal and sent there. One other main Scooby can be sent as well but if so they don't end up in the same area as Dawn and don't know she's there too.

In the Repo'verse the new arrivals are all seen as just that, new arrivals. Apparently this isn't a totall...
Movies > Other-Horror • Responses [0] • Date Added [18 Apr 10]
Starts at the end of the Gift. Dawn jumps instead of Buffy and lands a strange new land. It's a Dungeons and Dragons world (you pick which one or create a fresh one, you are the Dungeon Master) The Scoobies research to find her and it turns out that this world was the inspiration for the games. When the Scoobies finally figure out how to get there, only Buffy, Anya, and Spike are able to go, the reason is up to you, they find that Dawn has been there for a few years and is now an important figure ( a warrior, an elf, a drow, priestess, mage, it's up to you!) Dawn is also either very know...
Games > Dungeons and Dragons • Responses [0] • Date Added [18 Feb 10]
Takes place in the Anita'verse.

Buffy wasn't a slayer, instead she was the human servant of Angelus, who is more like Angel than BtVS Angelus.

She and Angelus died fighting Glory, who was a powerful witch who planned to use Dawn as a sacrifice. Dawn was chosen because of her connections to Angelus and Buffy. She is NOT the Key.

Dawn was raised by Spike, who went a little insane after Angelus and Buffy's deaths. He had hooked back up with Drusilla, they physically and psychologically abused her.

Dawn is pretty warped when Faith, her other sister and a Fed...
Anita Blake > Dawn-Centered • Responses [0] • Date Added [18 Jan 10]
Through some snooping between jobs Alec finds out Nate has a daughter he never knew. After doing some indepth checking he assures Nate that the child, who is 17 now, is in fact his daughter and that her mother and elder sister are dead. That child is Dawn Summers.

Nate goes to Sunnydale to meet Dawn, the rest of the crew follow him.

Dawn was the key but she also was always Buffy's sister, the key was simply hidden in her blood.

Dawn has been raised by the Scoobies and Spike for the last two years since Buffy's death and has learned lots about fighting and stealing ...
Television > Leverage • Responses [0] • Date Added [8 Sep 09] • Date Updated [18 Jan 10]
Anita Blake/BtVS/Angel crossover

Angelus is Master of LA. Buffy is his human servant, Spike is his number 2.

One of the members of Angelus' kiss has caused trouble in St. Louis and Jean-Claude wants retribution.

Angelus agrees to send Jean-Claude a present to help smooth their differences, the present is Dawn (over eighteen) and Oz.

They arrive and Anita blows a gasket about it being immoral to give people as presents.

Dawn dances at Guilty Pleasures as a stage partner to one of the male dancers. (you pick)

Have Dawn say, ...
Anita Blake > Dawn-Centered • Responses [1] • Date Added [4 Aug 09] • Date Updated [18 Jan 10]