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Author ChaosCarlos

During Ethan Rayne's Halloween Chaos Bonanza someone buys from Ethan the costume of a character from the recently released (recent as of 1997 anyway) Sci-Fi TV mini-series 'Lexx' called 'His Devine Shadow', the evil ruler of the League of 20,000 Planets and the Devine Order who unknown to his human subjects is their greatest archenemy from ages past bent on their total destruction.

Now it's up to the Scooby gang to deal with an evil, human possessing, non-corporeal ancient alien creature whose ultimate goal is the total extinction of humanity. Oh and to make matters worse he's a reall...
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After reading about either actual old legends or some works of fiction of a breed of Vampires and Lycans that are not demonic in nature, two Sunnydale natives decide to dress as the sons of Corvinus. One bitten by bat, the other by wolf. One remaining sane and the other driven mad by the animal within.
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One or more of the Sunnydale natives dress as characters from Farscape. If more than one person then there must be some connection between some of the characters. For instance:

Example of Male Matches: Xander/Warren/Andrew - John Crichton/Scorpius/Stark

Example of Female Matches: Jenny/Willow/Cordelia - Chiana/Sikozu/Aeryn Sun

You can choose any characters you want to either be the Sunnydale Native or the Costume Persona, even minor characters that are mentioned only once or twice in the either of the series.

* Bonus Points if you can somehow get Giles dress...
Television > Farscape • Responses [0] • Date Added [12 Aug 12]
Challenge Summary:
Xander is asked to take care of Dawn during THAT Halloween, this isn't a problem except that Dawn insists on 'matching' costumes. A dispairing Xander not wanting to dress as the Prince Charming to her Disney Princess is desperate to still go as a soldier. Suddenly getting an idea from a creepy game he played not long ago a plan comes together to instead go as Point Man and Psychic Girl.

Challenge Description:
For whatever reason Joyce has to suddenly leave for LA on business and needs someone to look after Dawn. In comes Xander to the rescue. Seeing Mrs S in...
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Challenge Summary:
After Halloween the Scoobies inspect Ethan's shop to make sure he didn't leave any surprises for the unexpecting, unprepared populous of Sunnydale. However as they're looking through his left over stock they notice a few odd items.

Challenge Description:
Inspecting Ethan's left over stock reveals a few unexpected items that seem to have retained their uniqueness after halloween.

These items include but are not all required to be used are:
* Blank Magicite - Final Fantasy VI
* Materia - Final Fantasy VII
* Axes, Swords, Staves, Claws, Dag...
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Story Title: Family of Heroes

Series: Buffy/Batman

Summery: AU. After both Joyce and Buffy's deaths social services forces Dawn to go live with Joyce's only remaining relative, her cousin Bruce Wayne.

Challenge Requirements:

* Buffy is not resurrected in Season 6. Either: Buffy was cremated, the spell fails or someone (Giles/Tara) stops Willow from even trying.

* Joyce and Bruce are cousins through their mothers who were sisters.

* It was Alfred using the shares he inherited from Bruce who was legally declared dead (by Mr Earle) who funded ...
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Tag line: 'Harry Potter: Boy Genius! - Perverting the laws of MAGIC! and SCIENCE! since 1989!'

Challenge Description:

This challenge takes the idea that EITHER: 1)the Girl Genius comics have been around since at least the late 80's or 2)the HP world is a part of the Girl Genius 'verse.

Harry Potter down-trodden 'Slave/Minion' of the Dursley's is living a dreadful existance cooking, cleaning, gardening and generally being made to do all the worst and most labour intensive chores in the Dursley houshold without so much as an oafish grunt of thanks. Until that is someth...
Comics > Girl Genius • Responses [1] • Date Added [13 Feb 12] • Date Updated [14 Feb 12]
Challenge Summary:
Long ago, before the creation of the Green Latern Corps the Guardians of OA created a device that could draw energy directly from the willpower of the universe and thus never ran out of power or ever needed to be recharged. Fearing such a weapon in the hands of those who would use it both for good and evil the Guardians eventually, after long debate and the increasing need of having to devote more time and energy to managing the Green Lantern Corps, sent it to those who they could trust to protect it.

However as time went on and the protectors waned until only a...
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Challenge: Xander dresses as John 'Hannibal' Smith from the A-Team.

Challenge Summary: Xander dresses as Army Ranger Colonel, John 'Hannibal' Smith, leader of the infamous A-Team. This challenge can work in one of two ways, Xander dresses as Hannibal Smith from his favourite TV-Show/Movie 'The A-Team', or he dresses as an Army Ranger Colonel and the spell causes him to be possessed by Col. John Hannibal Smith leader of the A-Team that actually exists in the Buffyverse.

Challenge Requirments:

*If the author extends the fic beyond the Halloween episode then Xander shou...
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Challenge Title: Rainbow Xan

Challenge Summary:
YAHF. Xander dresses up as a character from the Tom Clancy novels. It doesn't matter who he dresses up as so long as it is a soldier. He can even dress as President Jack Ryan if you want him to.

Challenge Requirments:

* Heroic Xander.
* Xander keeps all the personal memories, skills, knowledge and muscle memory of who he dressed as but must train to regain his strength, reflexes and so on.
* Can be set just in the Buffyverse or both the Buffyverse and the Clancyverse are the same universe.
* If you want ...
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Challenge Title: The Blood Protection Challenge

Challenge Summary: This challenge sees that it's James instead of Lilly who grants Harry his blood protection, thus leaving young Harry to go live with James' closest living relative, Rupert Giles.


Giles is somehow related to James Potter through either James' mother or father. Possibly Giles could be an uncle or cousin of James.

Albus Dumbledor is a kind hearted, caring man who's first priority is to see to Harry's safety, but there might possibly be a problem the Ministry might come up with conc...
Harry Potter • Responses [0] • Date Added [7 May 09]
What if the message given to Buffy by the First Slayer in Season 5 had a double meaning?

Buffy/Methos pairing

The story's obviously set Post-Season 5 but can happen either right after Buffy's jump or Post-Chosen, it's up to you.

-Buffy being Immortal
-Set either post-Highlander series or during some time in Methos' past, possibly pre, during or post Horsemen. If sent back in time, Buffy's presence in the past causes either massive or some minor changes from Highlander canon.
-Buffy and Methos become romantically involved. If set in the past ...
Highlander • Responses [1] • Date Added [9 Apr 09] • Date Updated [12 Apr 09]