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Twisting The Hellmouth Crossing Over Awards - Results
Rules for Challenges

Author DireSquirrel

Severus Snape doesn't live at Hogwarts during the summer. Instead he rents out the extra room in his flat the rest of the year, but stays there in the summer. This past year he rented his flat out to none other than Andrew Wells.

Andrew always pays his bills on time, always pays for anything that needs fixing, and always is there with advice, asked for or not.

I'd like someone to tell the story of the worst roommates ever, and see how everything works out for them.


1. Pairing between Andrew and Snape doesn't have to be romantic, in fact it woul...
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"I'm sorry son," his mother said. "But you're not a Harris."

"Should I be jumping for joy now, or wait until I can call my friends over for a party?" Xander asked.

"Well, either one, I suppose," his mother said uncomfortably.

"Why are you telling me this now?"

"Your brother Julian died and your father is coming to pick you up."

"What is my real name, anyway?" Xander asked.

"Luthor, your name is Alexander Laval Luthor."


Xander is really Lex Luthor.

Rules#1: There isn't an...
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Presenting My Degenerate Children

Ethan Rayne trains either Harry, Hermione or Neville from a young age, unbeknownst to their peers or parents. Eventually they get their Hogwarts letters, but what happens then?

Pairings are cool, but most won't make sense as described in the books with these changes. Try something new, but it just doesn't make sense to pair characters like Draco up with them, even with these changes.

It doesn't have to be funny, but points if it is.

Points if it's full on dark too.
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After SG1 successfully destroys the mother ships attacking Earth at the end of Season 1, Jack O'Neill is forcibly removed from the SGC when the president reactivates the program. Hammond works hard to prevent a Court Marshall, and instead Jack gets reassigned to the Initiative and Maggie Walsh joins the SGC as it's new civilian head with Hammond being forced into retirement.

The switch takes place in 1997-1998, which means it lines up with season 2 of Buffy.

After this anything goes: relationships, forces, goa'uld world domination, etc...
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Buffy gets to Sunnydale and stops by the hospital. While she's there, Buffy runs into a nice British man named Dr. Carson Beckett. She mistakes him for her new Watcher and things diverge from there.

After that, anything is fair game. It can be before or after Atlantis, with real or clone Carson. Sharply dividing AU would be great, but do what you want. This could be a one shot or a longer story.
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The basic idea is simple: Data and one of the robots from the Buffy series meet up. These could be Buffy-Bot, April, Moloch, Adam or whatever.

Otherwise, here are 3 prompts:

1. Buffy-Bot is sucked into a rift when Dawn is cut open and sent to space and drifts until the Enterprise finds her.

2. Moloch is the key that starts the research into developing Data's predecessors.

3. April is unearthed in an archaeological dig of Sunnydale.

Or pick your own.
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Xander resents Buffy for what happened to Jesse in "Harvest." He considers her a danger to everyone around her. Knowing he cannot stop her alone, he leaves Sunnydale in an attempt to find someone to help him stop her.

Any crossings are available and encouraged.
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