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Twisting The Hellmouth Crossing Over Awards - Results
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Author LunasMeow

I'm not sure if this challenge goes under Dungeons & Dragons or Fantasy so I'm going to post it in both.

Dragon Age. I or II it doesn't really matter.

Although it would probably be easier to place them in II as refugees instead of Hawke, and the plot here is outlined for that, ANY Dragon Age crossover would be appreciated...

This series is new, but I find it to be amazing. The changes that you can make to the story, the background that you can choose for your characters... Having magic be ruled by the church... It's enough to make a Buffy fan know how crazy it wo...
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Season seven didn't happen. Angelus gets free without anyone's knowing, and finds out a little secret about the past. He takes Faith on a "mission" and tricks her into releasing Ares from his tomb (shown in Xena S2Ep10). She tries to keep him in the tomb, but he manages to escape. And what better way to make sure she can't stop him then by enlisting one of Xena's greatest enemies? Callisto reborn. Also known, as Buffy.

Xena Fuffy with a twist no? Dawn could be Eve...
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Basically just any fic with a Buffy/Faith pairing in the Xena verse. Well, actually it doesn't matter if Buffy and Faith go to the past and meet Xena or Xena comes to the future or whatever. Just make it Buffy/Faith, and have Ares be a big part of the problem. Whatever the problem mey be.
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